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Can you create a two-line rhyme that describes your life so far?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) September 9th, 2010

No pun intended on the title

Get those creative juices flowing and create a little rhyme about your life!

Many races I have ran,
Many places I have tanned.

Meaning you are a runner and have also traveled to tropical places.

It can be humorous, serious, or even preposterous!

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Lying in the sun being lazy,
Many say I’m just plain crazy.

Steve_A's avatar

The more I see.
The less I believe.

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Iam so tired of cycling the whole day on a hard seat of the bike
and my vagina and but hurts like hell.

lsdh182's avatar

All day sitting on my bed,
Is surely going to make me see red.

erichw1504's avatar

OK, these are good so far, but I did say rhyme. Thank you.

Randy's avatar

Many a song, I have made.
Many of times I’ve been laid.

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

Spic N Span in a can, for a dollar less, a coupon for fighting grime.
I dissolve, then evolve, into such a mess, except when I’m challenged to rhyme.

Ben_Dover's avatar

All my exes
live in Texas

Alright, so I didn’t make it up. so sue me.

thanks to George Strait

ucme's avatar

My life so far has been real good, I really can’t complain
I’m happy, contented, & satisfied…..if I only had a brain!

TexasDude's avatar

Decades, still, and they come filing in
To invert my hourglass once again

In my faded living room to cast lots
and divide
Apathetic kids, their fingers glide
While in the attic sits
My old war chest with photos and letters stained
From all the years I have abstained
From telling anyone how I really felt

Coloma's avatar


My ex just moved to Houston, so I can claim that tune myself. lol

Coloma's avatar

For 99 years on the farm shes been
and she still goes down to the old goose pen

CMaz's avatar

Life is but a battle,
my brain is getting rattled.

Austinlad's avatar

The digits of my watch blink by
Reminding me someday I’ll die
But in the meantime, day by day
I’ll strive to live my life my way.

janbb's avatar

Daughter, reader, artist, wife,
Looking for meaning throughout my life.

Austinlad's avatar

Sorry—I took four.

erichw1504's avatar

@Austinlad No problem, mon!

LuckyGuy's avatar

I thought I was toast.
But now I can boast!

Whitsoxdude's avatar

My brain be dumb.
My face be glum.

Seek's avatar

As a grammarian my soul must shun
Your saying “ran” when it should be “run”

See? It says I like correct grammar, and I’m a control freak.
…and so does the fact that I had to edit to correct my fused participle.

ipso's avatar

Hypso-ipso, zany quests make purr
Celtic-Teutonic, yet cuddly as fur

Blackberry's avatar

I’m just living life to learn new things
I don’t need expensive cars or a lot of ‘bling’.

aprilsimnel's avatar

Holy cats, but I need some cash!
The end of the month seems to come in a flash.

erichw1504's avatar

As a wordarian I must speak,
You saying “shun” when it should be “seek”.

Seek's avatar

I’m pretty sure “wordarian” isn’t a word
To use it in place of “logophile” is certainly absurd.

erichw1504's avatar

How could this be, HOW COULD THIS BE?
For you have outsmarted me!

Seek's avatar

Dear Eric, don’t give up, oh no!
I do enjoy our poetic battle so!

erichw1504's avatar

I tried and tried, but my creativeness would not carry,
For I had to look up most of these words in the dictionary.

YoBob's avatar

With apologies, I’m not trying to be $h!tty.
My life’s far to complex to describe in a two line ditty.

Seek's avatar

With that I shall accept your resignation
I’d hate for our fun to sink into stagnation

erichw1504's avatar

Perhaps just this one last,
Because rhyming with you has been a blast.

Blackberry's avatar

I saw this on a bathroom stall:

“Here I sit, brokenhearted
I came to sh*t, and only farted”.

I was drunk so it was more funny then.

rebbel's avatar

He said: ’‘Is that rhyme about you?’’
I said: ’‘I haven’t got a clue…’’

Coloma's avatar

My house is clean, the bliss, the joy!
But HARK! Cat barf spews from my kitty boy! :-/

Zyx's avatar

Veni vidi maledicti
I don’t like anything I see

harple's avatar

Sharing secrets, truths and being just me,
Fluther has made me who I want to be.

BoBo1946's avatar

I’ve Been Screwed, Blued, But Never Tattooed !

MissA's avatar

I look around, this is the total of my life.
It was before me, and I became its wife.

ducky_dnl's avatar

Away, away, away she fell,
out of happiness and into hell.

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

Poor little ducky, so sad in dismay.
I think we’re lucky she’s with us today!

ducky_dnl's avatar

Aww RealEyes so sweet and kind,
with and open heart and an open mind.
I think you deserve more than two lines,
I’m glad you’re on Fluther, you’re one of a kind.

Dewey420's avatar

The glass half empty, the lights all dim
My one true vice..God’s unforgiving sin.

Scooby's avatar

All work & no play make Scooby a dull boy.
But that’s just the weekdays, the weekends are fantastic. (filthy little man)…… :-/

Andreas's avatar

Two lines to describe my life in verse
Oh woe betide I would be terse!

Blackberry's avatar

@ducky_dnl And that poem almost made me cry : )

filmfann's avatar

Worked hard all my life for the money
When I should have lived just lived for the funny.

Moegitto's avatar

Every morning I feel more depressed,
Sometimes I think death is best.

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

But death only brings the end of a thought.
Life is worth living believe it or naught.

ipso's avatar

“Though lovers be lost love shall not;
And death shall have no dominion.”Dylan Thomas

All this death talk; so why rhyme?

thekoukoureport's avatar

Many paths many stories I have wandered around,
learning the world, while being thought a clown.
Exsisting in places most will never see
life has given hapiness by me just being me.

Sorry, getting down to four was an abomination..
sorry for grammar as well,
I am a product of a public education

Coloma's avatar

I have paint, oh yes I do
Banded agate and grass cloth hues
The coolest colors ever to be blended
I think my house will look just splendid!

Coloma's avatar

Allergies and too much beer
awoke this morning feeling queer

Advil, Advil, where are you?
Today I have a lot to do!

tragiclikebowie's avatar

and then there was you
and your too short sleeves
and your too long pants
scribbling in a notebook
with your too big hands
your oily hair
hanging down in front of your face
you’re a rodent
an infestation in this place
like a mouse on the tracks
who doesn’t notice the train
until it’s too late

Coloma's avatar

It’s 11:03 and my cat is not home
I hope he is not where the coyotes roam :-(

CMaz's avatar

Getting off my ass,
need to cut the grass.

Coloma's avatar

The night has passed the mornings here
My cat’s still gone, the worst I fear
I know of the coyotes lair
Off I go to see whats there

thekoukoureport's avatar

getting off my ass as well
cause these hemroids hurt like hell

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

My days are scribed with rhyme on a whim, and two lines are more than enough!
Ablaze and described in time growing dim, with steins raised above all the fluff.

Coloma's avatar

Almost noon, the mountains been scoured
Afraid my dear Gizzi has been devoured
Not a trace in the forest, no fur and no flies
think I might be saying goodbye.

One last hopeful moment, up the hill to the barn
maybe, just maybe, he’s hiding from harm
if the big barn is empty I only can hope
that maybe, just maybe, he still will come home :-(

harple's avatar

Coloma, Coloma, my finger’s are crossed
that your cat is not eaten, but merely is lost…

thekoukoureport's avatar

looking for gizzi with coyotes won’t be wise.
Check above where the hawk flies.

Coloma's avatar

48 hours now, searched acres & acres.
I know that my Gizzi has gone to his maker

Thanks for the well wishes

thekoukoureport's avatar

goodbye gizzi, surely you’ll not be forgotten.
but the mice are having a party, with the cheese and something rotten!

Coloma's avatar

Those bold dirty hunters had best keep away
my neighbors rifle is cocked and ready to slay

I don’t take offense at the niche they inhabit
but they’re gonna be dead if they don’t stick to rabbits.

CMaz's avatar

Had some lunch,
need a nap.

YoBob's avatar

Why only rabbits and not deer duck or pheasant?
To stick to one species is rather unpleasant.

Coloma's avatar



They can eat what they want from turkeys to bats
I just wish they’d stay away from my cats

YoBob's avatar

Last time I checked there was no cat season.
No real hunter I know would kill one without reason.

Coloma's avatar

The reason is that that this wiley pack
has chosen on my pets to snack.
The cats are in every night, but now they are hunting in broad daylight.

On this hill there are geese, and chickens and sheep
I am not into being little bo peep
Keeping everyone safe is giving me fits
if I catch that coyote I’ll blow him to bits. lol

YoBob's avatar

So, it’s coyotes, not people, eating the pets you hold dear?
Hire a redneck, they’ll hunt coyotes for beer!

Coloma's avatar


I’m not really the killing kind, live & let live,
but…not this time!

This problem is too big to ignore
I feel it’s time to even the score

Yep, have plenty of beer and the contract is out
I feel no sorrow for this coyote louse lol

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