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At what age do you start potty training your child?

Asked by dgoldberg74 (10points) September 9th, 2010

Just curious when everyone here started…

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I started with my son shortly after he turned 2. He was telling me that he had to go potty before he actually went, so I figured it was a good time to start.

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2 years old and they’re potty trained by 2 and a half.

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I started at around 2 with both my boys but started and stopped several times before they both pretty much trained themselves at around 3.

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I had no set age for when I began potty training, I waited until they were ready. All three started right around their third birthday. I knew my oldest son was ready when he walked up, handed me his diaper and said, “I took my diaper off because it was irritating me.” He never wore a diaper again. The entire process took less than a week with each of them.

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My kids were all around three, either a little before or a little after their third birthdays. All three of them were accident-free within a week. I found that waiting until they were that age made it much easier. They could dress and undress themselves with little or no help, were mature enough to have decent bladder and bowel control (which makes running errands much easier), and to be able to clearly communicate when they had to go.

Even though I waited until three-ish to make the switch to underwear, I got them used to the potty long before that. I’d have them practice using the potty before taking a bath or going to bed. By the time they started wearing underwear, they were very familiar with the whole process of using the bathroom.

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At two years you should start.

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I was nearly 31 when we started to train my son. (He was a year old.)

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Girls can be totally trained by the time they are two, but boys seem to need to be three years old before they get it. lol

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@Cammy I have to disagree with you on that…I have a 3.5 year old, and she is a very smart child, but was born premature and she is potty training right now.. I was self potty trained according to my mother. One day I just decided no more diapers, and went and sat on the potty, and that was that. We were on a family vacation, and my parents had to buy me underwear. My daughter is using her potty more and more each day. She got the #1 thing well, but was having a difficult time with the #2, until one day she asked me to put a diaper on her so she can poop, and I refused. I told her she needs to use the potty like mommy and daddy do. She didn’t argue, she just sat on her potty and did a #2. Since then, she had no issues with doing #2 in the potty either, and she has had no accidents yet. My belief is that a child will become potty trained when he or she is ready, when potty training occurs has nothing to do with the child’s gender. I was just 2 years old when I became potty trained.

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@Cammy If you are referring to boys “getting it” meaning aim…I am 43, and my aim is so poor, that I primarilly sit when I do #1, per my wife’s request.

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