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How to make the Rotate command appear in Maya>?

Asked by f4a (601points) September 9th, 2010

Who here uses Maya software? the Rotate doesn’t show (press E). How can I make it appear?

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Do you mean that the manipulator handle doesn’t show or something else?

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when i press, W it shows the arrows, when I press R it shows the boxes, but when i press E it doesn’t show the circular command

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Sounds like a bug, work in maya long enough and you find them. I found a similar one in maya2008 where when switching between display modes it stopped showing any handles, even when I returned to my original settings. I restarted maya and they came back.

If that doesn’t work it’s might be a problem with your preferences causing it. If you can’t find and fix the setting responsible you can delete (or rename in case you need them again) your maya prefs and start with a clean slate with default prefs. Be warned, that’s a real pain in the ass if you’ve specialized your workspace. If you’re on a PC your prefs are probably in your maya folder or your maya version folder. They’re harder to find on my mac

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how do i reset maya?

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So restarting didn’t work? If you aren’t concerned about saving your old prefs you can do it in maya.


This will open the preferences window. Click edit and select “Restore default settings”. I recommend restarting maya after that.

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how do disable the preserve UV???

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That’s new to 2009 and I’m working with 2008 so I don’t have personal experience with it. But based on this video it looks like you would need to unclick the “preserve UVs” option available for the move tool in the attribute editor.

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Do you have any advice how to make a human’s skin look real,? I only use material attributes and color. Is there a way to make it look real?

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I’m not into photo real rendering so I can’t give you a how to. What I do know is it takes serious skill in texturing and a lot of rendering passes. I recommend checking out CGTalk. They’re a huge community with an impressive archive of tips and advice. Not to mention a lot of cool examples of it’s members work. Photo real rendering might be a bit involved for a full walk through but I bet you can find someone or something to get you moving in the right direction.

Good Luck.

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