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What is the most number of responses to a question ever on Fluther?

Asked by Trustinglife (6603points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

And what was the question??

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Let’s see with this question being an Example =]!

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It’s this, and other questions I’ll enjoy investigating when the Fluther team release an API :)

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what’s API?

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They just announced an upcoming Fluther API, see the Fluther blog. An API ( is basically a method that allows developers to access information in the form of responses. So using an API key I’ll get from Fluther, I will be able to create a website that can directly ask the Fluther database things like “which question has the most responses”, and such and such.

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The question with the most responses (currently 134) is this one.

The question with the most responses from unique users (currently 45) is this one.

Both were asked about two weeks ago. The previous holder of both these records was the famous cake question.

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@sferik: Insider knowledge ;)

The cake question was great.

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I just read the entire cake post. What a riot. Now I want to read the others, Erik, but sleep sounds better at the moment. Let them eat cake!

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I had 82 on my question about movies best one liners in a movie

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I found one with 205 answers. Subject: atheism. 2/20/2011

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