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Do you know any good, mysterious-sounding film scores?

Asked by Carly (4550points) September 9th, 2010

I’ve been listening to the newest Alice in Wonderland soundtrack and I really like it (more than the movie). I like the mysteriousness of the children’s choir-singing and the triumphant sounds similar to maybe the Narnia battle scenes. Do you have any suggestions of other soundtracks with a similar score style?

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The lord of the rings sound track maby

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While the LotR soundtrack is awesome, there is little about it that is haunting and mysterious. It’s more scenic and epic. ^_^

The Sweeny Todd soundtrack is pretty dark and awesome, though.

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The Dark Knight
Batman Begins

Requiem for a Dream theme

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Soundtrack for the film CRASH

The real film CRASH, by David Cronenberg, not that POS with Ben Affleck in it.

Haunting instrumentals with only six electric guitars and a harp.

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I love the soundtrack from The Mission.

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A Clockwork Orange

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The Piano
starring Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel
directed by jane Campion
hauntingly beautiful music (of an Irish sound maybe?)

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Just about everything else Danny Elfman has done would fit the bill. He’s kind of amazing.

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