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How long should a written speech should be if you're writing about a person?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 9th, 2010

I just started my college 2 days ago(which is great :-D) so anyway my first class was Public Speaking and the teacher wanted us to pick a person,write down things such as what they like,their hobbies,are they single,etc.But what I want to know,how long is this kind of speech is usually written?Is it just like main idea,first paragraph, 2nd paragraph, 3rd paragraph, and conlclusion with atl least 5 sentences for each?Have any examples?

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If your teacher gave you any guidelines on how many minutes in length your speech should be, go by that. You will have to practice it aloud, time yourself, and adjust accordingly.

For me, a ten-minute reading is about 1700 words.

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My guess is that this is an attempt by the professor to get a baseline idea where you are in terms of writing and speaking skills. I would suspect flow and logical placement of facts will be more important than length, but I wouldn’t go over 3 or 4 paragraphs if there weren’t specific instructions.

Hope that helps!

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Just a piece of advice, the best thing anyone ever told me was to ALWAYS ask what the format of a test, quiz, assignment, etc is before hand. Never be embarrassed to raise your hand and ask these types of questions, or speak with the professor after class… you’ll waste a lot less time wondering

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I thought the teacher would give you that instruction. I have never known the teacher leaving it upto the students.

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Always follow the instructions to a T. Then add your own personality! Be open, walking to and fro, energizing the audience. Recap with similarities about others, or yourself. Add a joke or some kind of humor. Captivate your audience. But follow follow follow the instructions in the beginning to a T….there is a reason for that…............You’ll ace it!...........Enjoy

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