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What is happening to Robert DeNiro's career?

Asked by cockswain (15254points) September 9th, 2010

I can’t think of a decent movie he’s made in the last 10 years. Now he’s in something with Steven Seagal and Jessica Alba. He used to make classics. What is up with that?

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He’s old and therefore not sellable, so to speak – these days even men can’t escape that.

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You’re saying old actors no longer make good movies? What about Meryl Streep or Clint Eastwood? I think DeNiro is just getting lazy.

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No, of course they do – he’s as talented as ever but it’s about opportunity and perhaps he needs the money.

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Really? You think he doesn’t get shown good scripts anymore? I wonder if that’s true. The guy is basically royalty in that industry.

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@cockswain Maybe he doesn’t care anymore.

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Too bad if that’s the case.

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If you liked “Meet the Parents”, “Little Fockers” is suppose to be coming out in December. That’s the only movie of his I’m really looking forward to seeing in the near future.

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I think he’s just phoning it in at this point.

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He’s jumped the shark and now he’s coasting downhill.

His latest project is a sequel based on one of his classics from the 70’s. I think it’s titled “Taxi Passenger”. ;-)

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Ok, so it’s a little OT, but this thread has helped me realize that I confuse Robert DeNiro with Danny DeVito.

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I thought he was excellent in “Everything’s Fine” which was just released in December 2009.

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He has what I like to call Spielbergwhatthefuckhappenedtoyaitis. Extremely contagious, I wonder who’ll fall victim next…..?

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Actors become hot, then they’re not.

Get me [name of actor]
Get me a [name of actor] type
Whatever happened to [name of actor]?

That’s show business.

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@Ben_Dover I liked that movie too. He played the part well.

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@Austinlad It’s not that he’s not around, it’s that he’s mugging in such crappy roles.

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Yes, @janbb, I’m well aware of what he’s doing these days. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I hated seeing him do the two “Meet the…” films. So far beneath his talents. Wonder if he’s doing any stage work.

He was doing some nice film stuff in the ‘90s, though. I love “Ronin” and “The Score.”

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Ronin and The Score were the last ones I liked.

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He is at an age and, financial standing, where he does movies when he is in the mood to.

A prerogative that comes with maturity and success.

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Why do you think this has a better chance of being good vs sucking?

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