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I'm new..........What is "lurve"?

Asked by Cammy (160points) September 9th, 2010

Fluther asks me to check my lurve’s??? What is LURVE?

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baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more

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Well, when a daddy jelly really lurves a mommy jelly, they make baby jellies. They make lurve.

And welcome to Fluther.

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Do you mean like when a maaaan lurves a woooman?

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But seriously folks, lurve is your number of points. You get lurve points when someone awards you a great answer or a great question, adds you to their fluther, or for visiting 2 days in a row. But an individual member can only give you a certain amount of lurve for questions and answers. The limit is in place to keep people from scamming the system. Once a member has given you the limit, they can still give you a great question or great answer, but it will not count in your overall lurve score.


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You could equate it’s worth at almost the same as a hill of beans! That’s if you wanted to :¬)

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It’s that brown stain in your shorts.

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Lurve is the number by your name. Here, have some :)

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