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Don't you hate it when people don't read the answers to a post before answering?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 9th, 2010

I mean, bad enough some don’t read the details of a Post, but not reading the other answers…

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How is not reading the other posts worse than not reading the details? Especially if it’s a question with more than one right answer…

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I try to read everything that is available before posting (question, description, tags, and previous answers.) I’m not about to get in a huff if other users don’t do the same, though.

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I don’t hate it, but it is annoying from time to time.

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If there are not many answers then yes I find it annoying, but if the question has already turned in to a super thread with most answers being over two or three paragraphs then, then it’s not annoying, i even do it my self some times.

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Surely if they have read the details of your question that is the most important part before answering it, people should not alter their opinion or answer to a question simply because someone has given a similar response to it.

I answer the question how I want to answer it, without influence….then i read the other responses.

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I dont read all the answers all the time, I do most the time or try to skim over them.

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I don’t let little things get to me. People can make mistakes.

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I do not read other peoples answers, before i respond. this way, my answer is my answer alone and no suggestions from someone else. i may be guilty of your question, but at least i attempt to hit the question on the head with an honest answer.

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I don’t hate it. If it were between reading posts that don’t address the question and eating cottage cheese, I’d choose the latter. I hate cottage cheese.

Unhelpful responses can get annoying, but they can be figuratively batted away like a fly. I’d much prefer that the person posting the question gave more thought into properly wording the question to fit exactly what it is that they are seeking to answer and not something vague, misleading (unless intentional, of course), and lacking detail in the description.

I understand that we all don’t have the time to read through all of the responses. If I don’t, I book mark it for a later time when I can get back to it. If someone has already responded the way I would have, I just mark it with a GA and don’t contribute. No point in making the thread any longer than it already is, unless there is an additional idea or suggestion.

One thing I absolutely always do is look for any additional posts from the OP. Some have added details that negate or change the response I was mentally crafting.

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