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What happens exactly when a DVD I received broken, goes back to Netflix?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) September 10th, 2010

I’ve never had this happen before and I was about to watch the movie and it’s practically broken in half on one side. The only thing holding it together is the middle part of the disc. I was curious if I get the next movie in line or do I get another copy of the same dvd. They weren’t really specific. My next one in line is recently available and I would like that one if they’re sending another dvd. I was wondering if anyone had this happen before.

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That happened to my boyfriend and the just sent a replacement. I unfortunately don’t remember if it was as soon as they received the defective one. But I know for sure that they do replace it.

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Go to their “Report Problem” link in your queue and choose the option you want: send the same movie, send the next movie, etc.

I received an unplayable one once and had to do this. I believe they will send the replacement immediately and then square things up when they receive the broken one back.

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@Jeruba I reported it but it just said we’ll send you another disc. It didn’t give me the option to get the same or the next one in line.

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If you checked “send me another disc” that one will be resent immediately while your queue holds.

This happens to me .7% of the time.

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@ipso That’s funny. How much do you use Netflix that you have that kind of data precision?

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@rovdog – I’ll PM, as this is in the [General] section.

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