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How do mosquitoes not become carriers of AIDS?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 10th, 2010

Why is the mosquito not a carrier of AIDS? AIDS is suppose to be a blood disease of sort it is transmitted when blood is mixed (still makes me wonder why sex transmit it because there is no blood mixing) as using the same needle or through transfusions. If diseases like Yellow Fever, and Malaria were transmitted from person to person because residual and microscopic blood contaminated the stinger, or whatever it is called, that sticks the skin to get the blood out from those who had it to those who did not, how does AIDS escape this? If one shared a needle with a person with AIDS he/she risk infecting themselves with AIDS. What is so different than a mosquito and a hypodermic needle that stops mosquitoes from being carriers?

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Apparently there is something in the mosquito’s system that destroys the aids virus. And/or the mosquito may digest the virus.

Also, “MOSQUITOES DO NOT INGEST ENOUGH HIV PARTICLES T0 TRANSMIT AIDS BY… an AIDS carrier to receive a single unit of HIV from contaminated mosquito mouthparts….

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“When mosquitoes bite a person, they do not inject the blood of a previous victim into the person they bite next. Mosquitoes do, however, inject their saliva into their victims, which may carry diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, or West Nile virus and can infect a bitten person with these diseases. HIV is not transmitted in this manner.”


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They carry that West nile virus well. Make you wonder about aids. I remember when the west nile came out. I was walking to work and I swore I saw 3 or 4 dead birds do to that.

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West Nile and HIV are different types of viruses. Mosquitoes likely digest HIV while West Nile may be able to infect mosquito cells and replicate in the mosquito. Shilolo likely can answer this best

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Gee, don’t you think that if mosquitoes somehow digest the AIDS virus and make it not a problem, then wouldn’t there be studies on how to synthesize that chemical and use this potion in the eradication of AIDS?

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@Ben_Dover our guts also digest HIV. You can’t contract AIDS by swallowing the virus. The issue is, do you want your digestive juices in your circulatory system…likely not.

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