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Did you fight alot with your brother or sister?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) September 10th, 2010

I was thinking back the other day of when my sister ,and I were kids. Geez! We were horrible. I dumped a whole bowl of spaghettios over her head once. She used to bitch slap me hard in the back of my head. We out grew it when we turned 18 or so but WOW! the things we used to do to each other. You have a memory like that. I miss her now that she has passed.

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Lol at you being bitch slapped.

I used to fight constantly with my brothers, being the only female and the smallest i would make the most noise and get away with being bad. I used to wrestle with them constantly, steal their things and hide them under one of their beds so that one of them would get the blame. God, i was a monster as a child!

I still am

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My brother and I are 4 years apart in age (he’s older, the twit), and we used to fight like cats and dogs. Since he was older and “more mature” when I was 11 my parents would leave us alone at home in the summer when they went to work. This one day in particular we’d been fighting quite a bit and I went outside in the yard. My brother LOCKED me out of the house. It was August and hot. I didn’t have keys to get in and I didn’t have shoes on so where could I go? I quite banging on the door after a my hand began throbbing. He finally let me in an hour later. I called my mom at work to tell on him and somehow I got in trouble for bothering her at work!

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My brother and I used to go at it, in a major way. Beating each other, throwing things… just like our parents (insert fake nostalgic expression).

I can’t decide if it was the best or worst part, but we used to take martial arts classes together, and we’d spar at home. So, when we liked each other, we were fighting, and when we hated each other, we were fighting.

Fortunately, we very rarely brought our knives into the angry fights. Fortunately for him anyway, I was much better at weapons than he was.

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My brother and I use to argue and fight all the time when we were kids. He’s two years younger than me. We would get into some pretty bad fist fights sometimes. We busted each others lips a few times and ones he stabbed me with pencils.

We started to get along better in our late teens and now we get along really well.

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My sister and I were alot like that growing up.My mother’s stress level was through the roof!

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No. We did fight at times, but mostly we played together.

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I thought I would add that my mom tells me that when we were very little (I was the oldest by two and half years) when my sister really wanted something and would start to whine I would say, “ok take it, mommy hates noise.” and give her what she wanted. Lol. But, like I said above mostly we played together and shared our things anyway. We had separate rooms once I turned 9, but we still slept together in my room every night for years.

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I used to wail on my brother and sisters all the time! They got back at me by ganging up on me one night and throwing me off the pier at our summer cottage. I was as mad as a wet hen after that and my mom had to physically restrain me the rest of the night!! They got me good and we all laugh about it when we get together!

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As young children we would fight a lot but we were also always allies for one another when necessary. Nowadays my brother and I are good friends.

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My sisters and I are brutal. We beat the crap out of each other growing up. Most of it was in good fun, but we had a couple of doozies over the years. They are by far the most important people in my life. As many of you know, I had a younger sister that passed away when I was in highschool… and it makes for an impressive eye opener. The girls are everything to me, I would give my own life for any of my sisters without even hesitating. I will also give them a black eye without hesitation. ;)

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@ChazMaz Very elequently said

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What more can I say? ;-)

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No, I never fought with my brothers (3 older bros, no sis). I think it was because they were much older, the closest is 9 years older, and they assumed more of a ‘protective’ role in my life instead of picking on me.. This was nice as no one in the neighborhood messed with me because of my three big brothers! ;)

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I fought with my older brother alot (before I grew bigger than him) but he passed away. My one younger sister is the polar opposite of me (so we argue alot). I do not see my other sister often, she lives away.

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