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Am I the only one who takes Metamucil daily since I was 22 (now being 27)?

Asked by luminous00 (350points) March 27th, 2008

I had an internal hemorrhoid back when I was 22 from eating too many jalapeƱos, and since the doctor told me to take metamucil, i’ve enjoyed being “regular” and have taken it ever since….is that odd? I feel like an old man, but my fiber intake is just not up to par normally..

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No, you’re not. Mmm… fiber.

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Every day since I was 32. Now 54.

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I take the stuff every day too! I’m 42 now and I wish I knew about it when I was younger. Life could have been so much better!!!

Mmm… fiber.

Ha! Ha! I love it!!!

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@rawpixels and @luminous; not funny and not helpful and not awesome and not hahahahaha answers. This was a legitimate question – maybe you are not old enough to have chronic health problems. Lucky you both but how about some compassion?

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@luminous – since you asked the question, I was surprised at your first answer. I would say that you do not have to feel old or anything but lucky that there is fiber that is easy, safe and works. So much better than hemorrhoids.

If you care, the health food stores sell better fiber that can be mixed with water (no sweeteners and no artificial chemicals.

My ex has been taking it for 40 years. Have you tried more water and fibrous veggies, or bran cereal?

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Well the orange metamucil can be mixed with water, and actually has a sugar-free version which tastes pretty much like crystal light, so that’s quite ok with me! and i was laughing at his answer bc i took it as sarcasm. i don’t take text very seriously, unless it’s a girl i’m seeing, then i have trust issues, hah.

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One more thing. I highly recommend the Berry Burst variety of Metamucil. It tastes exactly like chunky Kool-Aid. And recently I have tried All-Bran Fiber drink mix (in the Iced Tea flavor). That has 10 GRAMS of fiber in one serving! Whoo-hoo! (And, by the way, I am only 24, and I have been metamucil-ing it up since undergrad. You’re not “old”, luminous.)

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@ Les – phew, well that’s a relief.

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I have taken it every day since 1983

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