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Can a couple be together in the same unit and same MOS?

Asked by chelle21689 (7502points) September 10th, 2010

Is it against the rules of the unit?

Also, what would happen if you just happened to date them, get engaged, and then end up getting married? Would they separate you and try to send one to a different unit?

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Don’t you have to ask for permission. Or, you are not allowed to date someone in your unit?

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It depends on the exact jobs you have and your rank. There are two couples in my husband’s company, but they have different jobs and therefore don’t work right with each other. This is done so to avoid possible special treatment and distractions at work (also because the military has relationship and fraternization rules (they are discussed on pg 26 and 27 of that pdf) and dating certain people is against those rules). Having the same MOS doesn’t mean you would have the exact same job. The military looks at couples that are dating and couples that are married a bit differently.

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It depends on which branch of the service, your ranks, if one of you is the reporting senior of the other. You should ask your chain of command for the answer. Or if you want to be discreet about it, ask the Chaplain.

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It’s called fraternization and it is not allowed. A couple will not be partof he same unit. I’ve known plenty of married sailors who were at the same duty station, but never in the same work space. If you begin to dte a person in your unit you must notify your superiors. A decision will be made, but one or the other will be moved. You may date all you want, but you will not be allowed to cause dissention in the ranks, or lower morale in any way. dating leaves objectivity out in the cold and leaves one open to charges of conflict of interest.
It is the same in the civilian world, but HR tries to be more tactful than your LPO would be.

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Are you sure it’s not the same for each branch? Seaofclouds is in the military life and she knows a few people who are in the same unit that are married.

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It’s different for branch. I’ve known army officers who married army enlisted. In the Marines, I knew a sergeant who was told to stop dating a corporal because she was a lower rank.

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Are they both boys?

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There is a reason it is discouraged. Remember the Sullivan brothers in WWII. All five served together on the same ship. All five went down with the ship. The military does not like to end a family’s genealogy.

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It has happened where I have seen married couples in the same unit and even within the same department within that unit, however, never in the same work space. One of the two should and will be removed, at least from the work space, if such a relationship developes. It has a lot to do with the perception of preferential treatment, especially if one of the members has influence over the evaluation of the other, that can only lead to bad things.

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