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How do I change the default .pdf viewer on my mac?

Asked by moon_under_water (37points) March 12th, 2007
I just received Acrobat Professional 6.0 and by accident clicked the "make default application" button. I don't want that - Preview is much faster. Anyone know how to change default applications, and not just do it document by document, which is very time consuming?
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I also had trouble finding this; it's annoyingly hard to find. Here's what you do: Right click on a .pdf file and click "get info" (or press Command-I). Near the bottom of the info dialog you can select what application to open with this file, followed by a "change all" button. That's what you're looking for. (This is for OS X 10.4)
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NO right clicks w. Mac mouse, I believe. (But what do I know these days?)
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Good point, gailcalled. Ctrl-click if you don't have right-click.
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Easier than that: Right-click or ctrl-click, or click on a laptop's track pad while holding two fingers thereon.

In the popup menu, you'll see "Open with". This lists possible apps. Now press the "option" key. The text will instead say "Always open with..."

Presto chango. No muss, no annoying get info window.

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The newer Mac mouse (the so-called “mighty mouse”) has right-click functionality, although you may need to go into the ‘Mouse & Keyboard’ preference in System Preferences to enable it.

@mrandre – didn’t know about that particular option key tip – excellent!

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Also, any standard USB, two-button, wheel mouse will work just fine in OS X.

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