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What's your trick to defeating the evil "frustration packaging"?

Asked by Sarcasm (16768points) September 10th, 2010

It seems like every product I ever need to buy comes wrapped in this stuff. That hard, plastic, tamper-resistant casing. There’s a wikipedia article dedicated to the emotional effect of trying to open it.
Today I spent 10 minutes trying to free my new calculator from this foe, and my hands suffered multiple casualties in the journey.

What do you do to easily get your product out of this?

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I am with you all the way.

“According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, injuries from plastic packaging resulted in 6,400 visits to emergency rooms in 2004.”


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My brother has a plastic-cutter that is the size of a letter-opener. I have no idea what the brand or make of it is… and it turns out he has misplaced the thing.

I hate plastic packaging. It prevented me from playing with many Christmas presents right away.

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The plastic casing for some items consists of two halves stuck together.
Those I can pry apart.

The ones I can’t, I cut with some large scissors and pry the casings apart at the cut.

I feel the same aggravation, which gives my scissor-squeezing power a major boost.

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Cutco kitchen shears. My blood pressure dropped about 20 pts when I discovered these.

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Scissors, man. Cut the top or bottom off and then cut down the sides. Voila!

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I’ve suffered many cuts from such packaging. The best way is to get a good pair of scissors like everyone else is saying.

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Exactly what @tinyfaery said.

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Just noticed this, which I think defeats the purpose of “tamper-resistant packaging”.

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I breath deeply 3 times, then slowly and patiently use some very sharp scissors or a serrated kitchen knife to gently saw through the packaging… :)

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I can’t tell you how many pairs of scissors I’ve screwed up on those things. I use a hammer from now on!

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Very large jacknife with a locking blade.

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A mean utility knife.

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You really do need a nice, sharp pair of scissors.

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I use my husband’s utility knives – the ones he uses for cutting varnished floorboards out of 150 year old houses.

They work most of the time.

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Give these a shot.

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There’s also the zipit

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I have a cutting head for my dremel that works very well on this type of packaging.

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If you would THINK, and take your time.

You would have done it in 9 minutes.

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I have a reliable man. I can give you his phone number if you like. Or look at his website:

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I use a box knife.

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A good set of Dicuts work great.

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Just as an aside, anyone notice how those old extremely fragile tungsten filament light bulbs came in flimsy cardboard packages and the new, much sturdier, less-likely-to break-if-dropped CFL bulbs
come in that frustrating packaging?
BTW @zen_ I’m officially in love w/ you now for finding those things…

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@loser And then duct tape to put back together whatever was inside the packaging.

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Fiskars to the rescue!

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Clamshells are evil. I’m convinced the inventor is a sadist. I usually try to rip open the packaging, cut my hands, then curse and look for a big pair of scissors.

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@JilltheTooth It’s official.

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I try not to rush. I use scissors to cut and I use a rag to separate. It is a lot of work to just open stuff, but necessary.

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