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I'm a former ABer... is Fluther a good site to migrate to?

Asked by cosmicprawn (107points) September 10th, 2010

I am a former ABer, but have felt forced out of the Q&A community for a very long time and there has been a real empty space in my heart since… BUT I’m very glad I found Fluther now, and have been browsing around the site and the atmosphere and community seems so lovely and genuine. I would love to get to know the place and meet all you nice folks out there :)
So.. what is everyone up to? (I hope you don’t mind the “social” context of this)

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Welcome to the collective. I’m just leaving. Mind the gap.

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Welcome~ You’ll like it.

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“I hope you don’t mind the “social” context of this”

That’s why there’s a social section.

Oh, and welcome!

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I’m sure Fluther will be able to fill the empty spaces :) Welcome to the community. I promise we won’t sting (most of the time!)

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Busy grinding away,churning out answer after answer that my public clamors for (not). I have actually been busy at work, and unable to spend as much time as usual here.

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Welcome from a long time fluther member. I like it. I’m sure you’ll find some old friends here.

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Aloha! @cosmicprawn . I migrated from AB over here when they made the dreaded changed, and I have found Fluther to be a much better site. The quality of the questions and answers is marked.

Settle right in. I’m sure someone will be by with your welcoming drink shortly.

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@hawaii_jake I am unsure how to reply to comments on here, but thankyou very much. I feel welcomed already. I left from the dreaded changes too… but i feel rude to mention it here on Fluther (but it hurt so much to have to leave!) Its wonderful to think there are former ABers here as the community was heartwarming, but i can’t wait to get the full experience here, and see what its all about :) I’m glad you love it here, i am already starting to fall in love.

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Welcome. What topics are you interested in? You’ll see me mostly on religious, political, and medical questions. Every so often I look at cooking and baking.

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Welcome on board—- All input will be considered as valuable.

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Welcome. Pull up a chair and sit a spell. We’re all glad you came.

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@cosmicprawn Welcome! I love your user name.

You might search for questions about or from former ABers to find them here.
Here’s one and here’s another.

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Welcome to your new home

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Welcome to your new home. Take a stroll around, I’m sure you’ll lurve the neighborhood.

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Dive right in! The water’s fine.

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There is a little bit of a culture shock, but as somebody who spent six years at AB myself, I have to say that this is probably about the best place for an AB refugee.

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Welcome to Fluther, @cosmicprawn I’m a former ABer myself. A while bunch of us got disgusted with the dumbing down of the makeover they gave the interface when they did a facelift back in late 2009, and we all moved over here en masse.

And I am particularly glad to welcome a cosmic prawn as I am into Cosmology and a shellfish myself. :-)

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This place is a far cry from the cesspool of retardation which is Answerbag. Welcome.

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Depends on what you’re looking for. I like it a lot here but I’ve never been on AB.

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@cosmicprawn You may be one of the few new members to pull 5 Great Question votes on your first question asked. Very well done, mate.

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Welcome, @cosmicprawn! We hope you’ll like it here as much as we do. I’m the Community Manager here, so if you need any help with anything just let me know. :)

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Well, unlike AB there are only two ways to get out of Fluther; by way of an orange jump suit or a toe tag. No matter what you are told, 3 Flutheronians can keep a secret if two or dead Hee hee hee…..........

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I moved over from AB to Fluther in December, and I’ve hardly ever been back. I love it here. I hope you like it here as much as I do.

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