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Is there a way to find out who has the highest award count?

Asked by CMaz (26248points) September 10th, 2010

Those awards will show how many times you won that award.

Is there a way to see who has the highest count of all Flutherers?

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I think if you stick your thumb in your ear, and waggle your tongue lasciviously, while attaining tree pose (no clothes on), you will be granted an answer to your question via auricle implant.

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Do I have to take my clothing off?

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As long as you leave on your smelly socks.

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This is like Twister.

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Clothing off, yes.

erichw1504's avatar

Probably the weirdest thread in recent history…

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@erichw1504 ; I dunno, having to explain “zipless fuck” to the youngsters seems pretty weird to me…

erichw1504's avatar

@JilltheTooth Sure, but at least it made sense!

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OK, we have been clear about the clothing off part and yet your avatar remains the same, a staid, hatted, bespectacled fellow . . . . I can only conclude that you are not serious in your quest . . . .

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All I keep thinking is: I can do tree pose.

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I have no clue. About the highest award count or naked tree pose.

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@augustlan Whatcha wearing?

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I don’t care to know.

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