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Have you ever lost your faith?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) September 10th, 2010

It can be so many things:
Faith in Love, Family, Friends, Work, Money, God and more.

I have lost faith in my purpose in life. I got lost for some time I think. It was hard to get it back. It was after losing my first student job because of cuts in the company. I was the youngest worker so I was the first one they let go. I read lots of spiritual books and workout a lot at that time. It helped, but the feeling that it can happen again any time is out there.

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If you mean, Did I ever lose my faith then yes. I had faith in God and now I don’t.

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I lost my Faith in God once. I got it back because there was this boy and I liked him, but he only dated Christian girls, so I figured I would fake it for awhile. He showed me Christian Metal music and I started listening to it to impress him, but then I realized that I actually like the stuff. I went to my friend’s youth group to sharpen my act and I actually started listening to what the pastor was saying. eventually I started to believe In God again. Sooner or later my act turned into something real and my faith was restored and stronger than it was before I lost it. (however, I didn’t get the guy).

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I lost my faith in god and I have no desire to get it back.

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I lost my faith in love because there have been several instances where I thought I was “in love” and later I found out that it wasn’t love. I guess my view was changed more than my faith was lost in that situation.

I lost my faith in God when I began to see situations in the bible and teachings that brought up questions that couldn’t be answered.

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I lost my faith in Christianity, and I honestly don’t want it back.

I recently went through a trying time and lost faith in god, but that has returned. I can’t explain it. All I can say is that despite all that is wrong in the world, I believe there is a spiritual side of life. I don’t profess to know how it works, and I certainly don’t try to convince others that my way is better than theirs.

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I lost my faith in Yahweh because I realized he is a fictional character like Zeus.

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That’s where I’m at right now. I’m questioning love – what it even is. If it’s simply chemical, if we don’t love people for our own reasons, it seems completely pointless to me. I’m there with friendship, too. Not much in life makes sense to me at the moment.

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@DrasticDreamer, our reasons are also the result of chemical interactions in our brain. That doesn’t make them unreal or unimportant.

Look at all the amazing shit you can do on a computer. Ultimately, everything a computer does can be reduced to a simple pattern of 1’s and 0’s. I think this makes computers all the more amazing—that we can watch movies and talk to each other and have these experiences built entirely out of simple electrical signals.

Your brain is an even more complex computer, and I think it’s actually beautiful and uplifting that our brains have evolved to process complex emotions.

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@Qingu I know I should look at it that way, but I can’t right now. I’m probably clinically depressed, and life is just shit for me at the moment.

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I lost my faith in the god my Christian religion taught. I found it spiritually blinding. My belief in in a higher authority is more stronger now than when I was religious. To me religion is the “antigod”. I lost faith in my old repetitious religious prayers. I have replaced those type of prayers with my own heartfelt words. Ironically I was more atheist when I was religious.

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Yes, my faith in God for a while when I thought that I needed him the most and he didn’t seem to be there for me. But thankfully after a long break, I started to go back to church and have my faith back.

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I pray to a God I want to believe in.
I see suffering people, greed hypocrisy and immorality.
I look at my autistic son and struggle to help him. I receive little help from most people or empathy.
It is easy to believe in God when your life is prosperous.
I ask God for guidance,support and empathy. I receive little.
I still pray.

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You can’t lose what you don’t have.

I’ve never lost faith in my purpose because I’ve never had a purpose, at least not that I’ve ever been able to work out.

I’ve never lost faith in God because I’ve never believed.

I’ve never lost faith in love because I’ve lost loves. it doesn’t mean I can’t love weho I’m with.

I’ve never lost faith in friends because I’ve lost friends. I can always find new ones.

I think that’s the cheesiest thing i’ve ever commited to a public forum.

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I lost my faith in Christianity because it lost its faith in me. I am a lesbian and you can only hear so many sermons telling you that you are bad and unacceptable in God’s sight before you begin to give up. You can give up on yourself or you can give up on your faith. Christians, in general, seem to forget so many tenets of the Bible when it comes to their predilection to judge others. Over time, Christians are the worst thing going for helping other folks realize how much Christ loves them.

I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (my Lord and Savior) as that works for me—it brings me joy and comfort and peace. I cannot bear witness or express the incredible experiences I have had as a result of this relationship because so many “Christians” are far too worried about my other relationship.

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Nope. Unless you mean that I have gone beyond faith to certain knowledge. Then I guess you could say so!

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I lost my religious faith and found it exhilarating. What you are talking about sounds more like depression. It sounds like you are beginning to cope. Work outs raise your endorphin levels, talking and writing about you problems can help you work through them. I remember being the youngest guy, I grew a moustache in the hope that it would make me look older and increase respect people paid to me.

As I aged I realized that respect comes with treating others with respect, knowing your job, and never asking people to do what you wouldn’t do yourself.

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I just kind of gave up in religion because I kept getting confused by the semantics. I’ve lost a bit of faith in friends just because of past issues that’ve happened. I’ve lost total faith in the economy and the people in which it’s fate lies. I’ve lost faith in politcs because it is now never a disappointment when they fudge up and don’t cop to it.

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I figure Faith means that you hope something good will happen whether or not you actually do anything to make it happen. At that point it becomes, in the best of circumstances, a 50/50 proposition. Not good enough. Two things are true;
1 Shit actually does happen and that is normal.
2 There is no such thing as luck or products of faith. There is only directed action and outcome.

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Never had it to lose.

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Let’s see faith is defined here as
“2.Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.” What I think you’re talking about in the question is a little different than faith. Because you don’t need faith to live. There is enough facts to glean from life that faith is not a requirment to live. Though people of faith have done great things because of their faith, just look at the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. You took a blow in life, you took a punch, and you reacted accordingly, get used to it. How you let the outside affect your inside is one way to master life. That being said, I know but only a little, and I apologize if I offended anyone. I recently was greatly humbled, and my outlook has changed.

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At this very moment I am struggling mightily not to lose faith. In my heart I know that if I lose my faith everything else will go along with it.

The original is longer, but this quote is currently my mantra; “As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be. This is the balance—this is the balance—this is the balance.” Abdul Baha

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When one finds the answers then faith no longer exists. I was once Christian but didn’t lose my faith I just discovered beyond what was offered by Christianity. That does not mean I do not believe in Christ or God but it could mean I know who and what they are.

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I don’t have any faith.

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