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In Microsoft Word - how do I paste Excel spreadsheets properly?

Asked by dumbteenth (205points) September 10th, 2010

So I do weekly reports in word where I paste updated info from excel spreadsheets. Problem is, when I paste the new data from excel on top of the old spreadsheet in word, it screws up the formatting and I have to go and re-size the table all over again. It’s super annoying – is there some way I can keep the formatting the same and just paste directly over top the current spreadsheet? Thanks all.

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I usually open a text box in word, then highlight the cells in the spreadsheet that I want to paste into the text box, and paste the cells into the text box.

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You can insert the a linked Excel object.

Then the Word doc automatically shows changes to the Excel file – no need to cut and paste.

About inserting information by creating a linked object or an embedded object

Link or embed an Excel worksheet

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Which office? 2007 / 2003? In 2007, it usually pastes with formatting. Or try these:

1. Copy data from Excel. In Word, go in paste special, select Formatted text (RTF)
2. Copy data in Excel. In Word, go in paste special, Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object.

Do let us know if your problem is solved.

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My preferred method to handle this is to either do a screen print of the Print Preview in Excel and save only the .jpg image in Word, or print the spreadsheet to a .pdf file and cut / pasted that image.

I get very annoyed trying to put raw files into Word. I find that if I start with one thing that I know is good, meaning the screen print or .pdf output, then I can put that into Word “as an image”.

Then there’s always Mail Merge, but I don’t think you want to go there for this application.

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