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Do people fart in Heaven?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) September 10th, 2010

If not, why not?
If so, what do they smell like?

Just wondrin.

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Not in mine.

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Only if there are 12 year old boys there who need a source of humor.

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Yes, that’s how hurricanes are born.

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That force making the wind blow isn’t the coriolis effect or pressure gradients…...

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Yes. They form shooting stars.

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According to Christians™, you have no physical body in heaven, you are merely a soul, or spirit. So, no, I don’t think souls can fart :P

… On second thought, maybe a soul fart is like sinning? Idunno 0_o

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@py_sue….“hurricanes” are from Hell, aren’t they?

@worriedguy They sound more Heavenly.

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I cannot read this question…without imagining Beavis and/or Butthead asking it.

heh heh. heh.heh

heh heh

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Where do you think thunder comes from. Then they turn around and piss on it and it makes lightning strikes…DUH!

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With it being heaven and all, I’d imagine people don’t need to eat. But if they have to eat, they have to fart. Farts stink, so there’s no way around that. Since heaven is supposed to be pleasant, I would say people would have to like the smell of farts so they wouldn’t be offensive. So I’d say farts in heaven, if they exist, stink but people like them.

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@lloydbird You’d think that, but a fart from hell is when a volcano erupts. Well, maybe that’s explosive diarrhea from hell. :P

Okay, I’m analyzing this way too much.

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If you have no body no. As far as I know, spirits can’t fart.

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Well, I will when I get there.

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Not smelly in my heaven . We would be in the heaven of a God who gave us free will. So I would be sure to decide not to smell anyone who chose to fart no matter what odor they would choose to fart.

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Of course. What’s the point of being in heaven if you can’t fart at will after swilling beer and munching pork rinds all day?

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if there is a heaven, as far as we know the body is long gone. Much more to the point, can people eat good food, drink beer, and have sex in jeaven? If not, farting and queefing are a non-issue.

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Will you post an update when you get there?

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If you believe in heaven then you believe in it’s god and if you believe that much already a fart becomes irrelevant. But farts must be devine then, because there so fucking funny. What a question.

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I just love how semantics are playing into this thread.

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Really? What do you-and I use the word in its loosest possible sense-think?

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Ok fine then, we all believe in same.

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Yes They do. It smells like cotton candy.

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Where angels fear to tread…....pewwwwwww!!

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Do people Fluther in Hell?

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