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Why do people dip lobster in butter?

Asked by josie (30931points) September 10th, 2010

For starters, butter is nothing but fat. It gets in your ass and clogs up your heart. But that is not my question.
There are other sorts of sea food, that nobody would think of dipping in butter.
Who sticks a shrimp in butter? A scallop? A hunk of king salmon or a rainbow trout?
Why lobsters?
How did that practice get started.
Given the fact that most people do not want to get fat or have a heart attack, why does it continue?

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Because it’s downright yummy!

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It makes the butter taste better.

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And I absolutely DO stick shrimp in butter. Because it is just so downright yummy, like @hawaii_jake says!

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Actually, most shellfish (lobster, shrimp, mussels) tastes better with melted butter (and of course cold lobster goes great with a mayo sauce). Has to do not only with taste but also the texture of fat in mouth. Sure it’s fat and not very good for you, but if eaten in moderation, it’s no more damaging to the body than many other kinds of food.

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Yes, @hawaii_jake‘s got it. It’s the yumminess. And yeah, butter is pretty much 100% fat. People put it on all sorts of things, because….? It just tastes so damn good. And I also dip clams and mussels in butter as @Austinlad mentions. Not shrimp though; I prefer them lightly breaded, deep fried with cocktail sauce or in a Marinara sauce with mussels on spaghetti.

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Besides being downright di-licious, butter is used to sweeten the flavor of lobster.

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Lobster not dipped in melted butter is like feeding a starving dog a rubber bone.

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It Tastes so GOOOOOOD !

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@CyanoticWasp I like that one. So lobster is just a very expensive butter delivery system?

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Butter is lobsters best friend.

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It is CLARIFIED [fat skimmed, like ghee], lemon butter. Why? Because it tastes good and has been done forever. If you are willing to spend for the lobster, why not enjoy the whole experience?

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Shellfish, as far as my taste buds are concerned, doesn’t really have much of a flavor. It’s mostly just a texture. The butter gives it a flavor so that it tastes.

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There’s a lot of butter in French food, maybe their to blame.

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I’m not crazy about Lobster, but you bet your ass I dip my crab legs in butter. Why? Why? you ask. Because it is orgasmically delicious. That’s why.

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What @Austinlad said made me hungry. And gnawing nodding in agreement.

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Nice, @zen! Let’s go get some lobster and a few sticks of butter.

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It’s makes it salty and adds even more taste.

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i prefer lemon much more than butter with lobster and on all seafood

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Crab legs are also traditionally dipped in butter, and I can’t imagine not doing it. Then again, I dip just about everything I possibly can in butter. Yummylicious!

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@augustlan Yes, I forgot about crab legs dipped in butter! Yum! King preferably, snow certainly, Dungeness, not really. I don’t really care for Dungeness crabs. And blue crab? Absolutely perfect all by itself. No butter needed; well, sometimes with cocktail sauce. Though it’s my preferred crab for crab cakes but they can be so expensive some years that I often end up making crab cakes with King or Snow crab legs.

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