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At what point in recent history did pubic hair become a bad thing, and why?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 10th, 2010

I recently saw an interview with Hugh Hefner, and he was asked about how the porn industry has changed since he started. He said something about none of the girls having pubic hair any more.

Now the trend is waxing, shaving, trimming, etc. (myself included).

when in recent history did pubic hair become a bad thing, and why do you think this happened?

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As I understand women didn’t shave their armpits until after WWII when some model or celebrity did it on a whim and people actually hated it – this changed over time. So any of these changes to pubic hair removal are recent, as well. I have this theory: in recent times, in Western Society, there has been an upheaval of cultural and gender norms – when this happens, people react in ways that makes things more traditional but in our times, this means clearly differentiating men from women leading to hairy men and hairless women so that sex/gender differences can be maintained because people are scared about all this equality and fight for equal rights and what some perceive as women taking men’s spaces and jobs.

A hairless woman looks more like a child, less dangerous (more fragile, softer so that people can say ‘look how complementary the sexes are…yin and yang, etc.) – long hair has always been associated with sex appeal, with wildness, with power (Samson and Delilah, anyone?) and we simply can’t have that these days, can we? Let the women be as little like men as possible even if it means they have to put in money into countless pointless rituals to get rid of all natural hair growth. This just wasn’t an issue when Hefner was younger, porn was more realistic, people were people, 70s and 80s were freer in terms of loving ourselves for who we are. There is something about our times that has to do with making everyone look like a ‘fixed up’ fantasy – like a Barbie. Well, eff that noise, I hate having to shave anything on my body simply because of the way it’s perceived to be necessary and I don’t have the patience (because I get homicidal) to deal with people when I don’t shave anywhere.

Oh, I also wanted to mention that the overbearing consumerism of our society aids all of the above as well – it’s all about buy buy buy so that you can look better, smoother, etc. for no reason at all but it sure wastes/makes a lot of money. Nor are men immune from this trend either because we’re even more removed from the animality/realness of our bodies than ever before as we are the most removed from nature and the environment than ever before.

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I don’t know, but it sure looks hot.

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Manscaping seems to be quite common. Seems weird, but I guess it makes oral easier.

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Probably sometime after women stopped wearing these and started wearing these.

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If one feels they’ve made a mistake in shaving this is a historically accepted alternative.

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I think people started shaving because maybe the hair smells.

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I remember when it became common, the mid-90s. And some people posit that it’s because of porn.

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I think it’s the porn industry. Maybe porn actors were encouraged to shave so the viewer could see more detail. Viola! No more pubic hair for the rest of us.

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I think its when bathing suits started being iddy biddy. Then everything started to flow over and that was just not a pretty sight. Especially with thong bathing suits.

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I agree about porn being a big influence so viewers could see more of the genitalia but I also think women becoming more comfortable to acknowledge they enjoy oral sex and to view it as a normal part of forplay and sex brought more focus to making it “cleaner”. I think women figured if they did away with all the hair down there then their partners would have no excuse to view the woman’s genitals as being a dirty place and so view giving a woman oral sex would lose some negative stigma. I still know of men who wouldn’t admit to their friends they’ve gone down on a woman but think dicks getting sucked is normal and okay.

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