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Where can I find a feed reader that simply sits in the systray?

Asked by Flayra (6points) March 27th, 2008

I need a feed parser that sites in the systray and simply notifies me whenever a new entry is added to any of the feeds I subscribe to. If anyone knows TBNotify, I want something similar (except for RSS/Atom/etc feeds)

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I like Feed Demon on the PC. Alas, it only (optionally) pops a hovering window, not just a system tray icon update to alert the user to new entries.

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Actually, I take that back!

Feed Demon does indeed change its icon when a new entry arrives; it super-imposes a little envelope on its representative icon in the systray. No need to enable the “desktop alert” functionality I described earlier.

So, there ya go!

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Check out our product, Eluma. Of the many things it does, you can just have it sit in the systray, and configure it so that when you have a new item in a feed, it blinks to let you know that you have a new alert. You can also have a scrolling ticker on the bottom of your screen, or a pop-up window for the alerts. You can subscribe to multiple feeds, and you can have one central system for letting you know whenever there’s a new item. Lots of other stuff you can do with it. Thanks!

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