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How do people in the public eye tolerate it?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) September 11th, 2010

Any famous people out there or anyone that’s ever been someone, know what I’m talking about? I’m assuming it would get difficult at times to be famous, and only a fool would think it’s all good. Am I wrong in my assumption, do famous people deserve the good as well as the bad of being in that position in life, in the limelight. I’m just obsessed with fame and fortune, who isn’t.

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If they wanted to they could. But they don’t since they got into the gig for attention and money. Brittney Spears could have vanished for a year and nobody would know who she is.

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ego mainly.

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Well, the celebs do have the paparazzi following them around. One way they get through life is to disguise themselves (with hats, makeup, sunglasses, etc) when they want to be left alone.

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It seems to me that the folks who intentionally become celebrities want to be in the limelight. I’m quite sure it gets tiresome at times, but hey, accountants get damn tired of their jobs, too.

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I would think that it is all worth it to them , or the sacrifice they make for millions of dollars they make. Don’t like it stay away from the limelight. Most do like it.

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There are actors who avoid the limelight. Those who seek it, want it.

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All of my favourite actors and musicians are never seen in the tabloids.

When you’re a good enough artist, you don’t need bad press to keep people’s attention.

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I think she did do that, I haven’t heard or seen anything from her in a long time.
simple and true I’m with you, but do you think that they don’t realize what their getting themselves into
I love those shots of when their trying to disguise themselves and they get caught.
Answer off topic, we’re not talking about accountants. Please moderate yourself. ha
I tried to comment on this, then I thought of Harrison Ford, when do we ever see him.

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@truecomedian like a moth to the flame, like an Icarus. Can’t resist the drug of adulation.

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how come that response to you rhymed

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Other actors of whom we hear little personal information:

Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Hugh Laurie
Christina Ricci

and a million more I can’t think of because I’m too busy trying not to think of Angelina Jolie and Kate Gosselin.

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I am not obsessed with much of anything, with the possible exception of my wife, and with the preservation of freedom. I couldn’t care less about “fame and fortune.” Most “celebrities” to me seem vain and egotistical in the extreme.

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They drive their Bentleys to their mansions and dry their tears with $100 bills.

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Congratulations on the 10,000 lurve.
Celebrities are just better than average people that learn how to focus there energy either by music or movies, to control the masses and make millions. Fame is just people wanting to be you, or near you, and fortune is what separates the men from the beasts.

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It’s all a marketing game. Famous people are themselves like a brand. They in turn advertise other brands. And in the end it’s brands marketing each other. Part of what some have to do is play this game of exposure – thus they learn to tolerate it.

My guess on how they do it is similar to stereotypes or mental shortcuts. Learn how to react to different situations. Group attention to categories and relative reactions. (Media, photographers, journalists, random joe doe: local/global stereotypes.). Would all celebrities follow such shortcuts ending up in responses that fuel shows like TMZ? No. But that’s what a fair number of them seem to be doing. Of course the other end of the spectrum is utter humility: I’m just another person going about my life – oh and I happen to be a famous X.

Now distinguished people is a different category. An actor who’s really done a great job deserves praise just for that. But it shouldn’t really bleed into everything else they do.

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All great points, but not everyone in the public eye is a egocentric celebrity. There are those who speak out for a cause and thus thrust themselves into the limelight, there are business leaders and politicians that by the nature of their occupation are forced into the public eye. (Not that politicians can’t also be egocentric).

Without going into detail, I have a job that puts me in the public eye and it’s not something I enjoy. Anyone with paparazzi following them around is probably inviting it, but for some it is very uncomfortable running into total strangers in the subway and having them strike up conversations with you, even if it is to tell you that they like your work. For the record I’m nothing remotely like a celebrity, just have a job that ensures I’m seen and recognized by a lot of people.

I think that for many celebrities this aspect of their lives gets the better of them. Perhaps they thought it would be more enjoyable or perhaps they underestimated the actuality of sacrificing their privacy. I would point to a number of celebrity suicides that are attributed to this very phenomenon.

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Indeed. One recalls a somewhat younger Brittany Spears breaking down in tears on several occassions.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Maybe because it’s Bar Rafaeli – but over here we get plenty of news about Leo – ad nauseum. Not saying it’s all true or not – but he doesn’t fly under the radar like your other examples.

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I love this poem by Emily Dickinson. It may be more true now than when she wrote it.

I’m nobody! Who are you?

I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us—don’t tell!
They’d banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

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