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Help! My new male cat is attacking one of my female cats.

Asked by sabbycat (15points) September 11th, 2010

I got a new kitty (a rescue between age 1–2) in early August and we’re having a rough time adjusting. He was isolated for 2–3 weeks with a screen door in between. He has been roaming free for the past 2 weeks. He is respecting my 13 yr old female, but he is repeatedly attacking my 7 yr old female. This morning he jumped her and ripped out lots of her fur. She is living in constant fear. Is there anything I can do short of finding him a new home?

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Is the male cat neutered? Neutered cats are a lot more mellow and have fewer behavioral problems.

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He was rescued in mid-July, and was neutered in late-July. He also bites people, but that has improved a bit over the last few weeks.

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Keep them separate again for a few more weeks. He is wanting to show his dominence over your female. Slowly introduce them by letting them stay together for a small amount of time per day. Maybe 2 hours, then separate them, next day 3 hours, separate them, etc.

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It can take a few months for the hormones to diminish after neutering.

Late July puts him at about the 6–7 week zone in that area.

I would keep supervision going for awhile, but, ultimately they should work it out.

I have a male/female pair I adopted both at 10 months in May-June.

My male tackles and wrestles with the female and she sometimes gets upset, growls and cries if he is being too rough, but…they are already quite bonded and their play is more happy than aggressive for the most part.

Give it time, two months is still part of the adjustment order.

I had only had my female for about 3 weeks when I adopted the male so she had not established any real territorial scene.

They will work out their own arrangment for contact eventually I think.

If, after 6 months or so, things they are still not blending maybe have to re-think the new cat.

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Thanks for the advice. My female (Pooky) is kind of a spaz and hisses then runs every time he comes in the room. She has been like this her whole life. Knowing that SHE won’t change, so you think a dominant male can adapt to that? The vet suggested I put him on Prozac until he mellows, but I’m not sure I want to drug the poor guy…

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No, don’t mess with the poor cats brain chemistry.

Give it time…you might be surprised.

Females are typically pretty prissy, (bitchy) lol

He should mellow out eventually and she should come to tolerate him at least without any big battles.

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