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Where do you get your news?

Asked by khelms01 (148points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Cable news channels, network news, Internet, talk radio, newspaper, etc.

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BBC all the way

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Newspaper Wall Street Journal, Internet (Google News, New York Times, etc), Sirius Satelite Radio

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In order of influence: NPR, internet, CNN, PBS.

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NPR, Internet.

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NPR! Friday news roundup is the best.

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Newspaper, internet and television

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BBC news or those free papers you find all over the tube.

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Web: NYTimes
TV: The News Hour with Jim Lerher, Washington Week, Bill Moyers Journal, Frontline. All PBS.

I really do love The News Hour with Jim Lerher, though. It really is the most boring newscast on TV. I have to force myself not to change the channel, but I do so because I believe that the news shouldn’t come with sound effects.

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I’m a Washington Post guy

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John Stewart. Haha. Well, really I like Keith Olbermann and BBC. Keith because he makes me laugh, and BBC because I think they really know what they are talking about.

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The Week magazine is great.

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Digg,, newsvine, and if no Internet access I watch CNN

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I favor Google News for a couple reasons. Number one, all you hear these days is how bad the media bias is. Well, whether or not there is a bias, Google News at least hedges up against that by building an algorithm that mathematically is devoid of bias in how it pulls together news headlines. Number two, Google News does all the sifting for me to find what’s relevant. Personally, I’ve been impressed with their search engine’s ability to build relevant results… Their news system uses that same algorithm to find what’s relevant on the web. So best of both worlds… No bias in how it collects newsworthy articles and what you see first and effective at finding what’s relevant right now.

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New York Times is all the news fit to print. Also NPR & Headline News. And when I’m feeling dirty it’s the New York Post.

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I work at a news station. My head swells at the end of my shift LOL

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Never just one source.,, google news,,
Talk radio
Bill Press, Alex Bennett, Mike Church, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, very lil Hannity to see
what propaganda he is spreading.

Here is a great quote from this article:

But the essence of the propaganda function is repetition, and the exceptional does not undermine that function.

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fox news and k talk

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@ chris you should know a lot about propaganda, every news source you listed spew it everyday, not to mention their total lack of coverage of anything that would harm anyone on the left

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Funny considering I am not a democrat. I support Ron Paul, and have for a very long time. I have alot of time during work to surf the web and listen to the radio. I don’t trust any of the right wing media, because it is neo-con propaganda. I find my sources to be very reliable factually. I still don’t trust any of them, and still make decisions on my own.

It seems that you are new to this site, but if you do a little searching through this site, you will see I am anything but a socialist

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