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What do i do if my best guy friend and his girlfriend are both my bestfriends and he doesnt know she tells me whats going on between them?

Asked by kiddo_nerd (6points) September 11th, 2010

well im bestfriends with them both but i kinda sleep with the guybestfriend and my friend doesnt knw.? but i know that he tells her wen are they going to “do it” and i always ask him questions like if he still loves her etc and he says he doesnt, but the next day she tells me he told her that he loves her what should i do.? im so confusd

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Stop sleeping with your best friends boyfriend. That is just wrong. You aren’t much of a friend to do this. You need to start being the kind of friend that you want others to be to you. Work on changing the parts of yourself you don’t like.

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What @chyna said, and try to lose the txtspk. You’ll be taken more seriously.

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To be honest, it doesn’t sound like any of you actually understand what the word “friend” means or how to be a good friend, let alone a best friend.

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Yo. Seriously, what the? Ok. I’m assuming you’re young. But you’re never too young to start living with some integrity. I “2nd” the other answers and add this: You can’t possibly call yourself a ‘best friend’ and be purposefully lying to one friend and purposefully sabotaging the relationship of both!! Plain and Simple. You seem to have some moral compass knocking at you – hence your question – but now you need to do something! Boyfriend is also lying in both directions, in order to get laid. I’ll make it easy> Stop sleeping with boyfriend, asap. Stop sabotaging their relationship. Be a real friend..“that you want others to be to you.”

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Agreeing with @chyna. Not trying to be mean or anything but you sound like a pretty untrustworthy friend. I think you should stop sleeping with him. It honestly sounds like he’s using you and just telling you what you want to hear.

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