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Does medication you take seep through your pores and leave traces on your skin like salt, garlic etc does?

Asked by rainbowspirit (243points) September 11th, 2010

I know that we sweat through our pores and our skin then tastes salty. Also that certain foods seem to do the same, the obvious one being garlic. What I really need to know is does the same thing happen with any medication you take. Are there traces of the ingredients left on the skin?
It probably seems like a wierd question but there is a very good reason why I ask this.
I have to take a lot of prescribed medication, some of them strong painkillers e.g. Tramadol and Morphine (Tablet form). I am only concerned as my cat has just started the habit of licking my skin while I am asleep and I am concerned as to whether she could be harmed because of the medication I take.
I really would appreciate any help you can give me as I don’t seem to be able to find an answer to this anywhere so far.
This is only my second question on here as I only found this site three days ago. It’s a brilliant site and have been surprised and grateful for the amount of responses I have had and the way in which my question was received.
As I am new to this if anyone has any comments about my style/length of question/too much or too little detail etc. so I get an idea if I’m doing anything wrong I would also appreciate that too.
Many thanks

Rainbowspirit :o)

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I would think that if any did, it would be such a tiny amount, it couldn’t hurt your cat. I take Tramadol and morphine too, and my cat licks my fingers. She appears as healthy as can be.

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Yes. everything you ingest finds its way out your pores in tiny amounts. that’s why you can never hide your cigarette smoking from your mommy.

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You can always call the Dr or pharmasist to double check. I personally feel that the amount that would seep would be way too small to do much harm.

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A sweat drug test takes about 4 hours to collect enough of a sample to be detectable so I’m guessing it’s a really really small amount your sweating out. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

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well ive never heard of medication coming from your pores, but yes i guess it can. also it will come out in your hair too. i know foods that you eat will come out of your pores and alcohol and smoking too.

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