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If 3 is the answer, what was the question?

Asked by rebbel (31808points) September 11th, 2010

Inspired by a British comedy panel show in which a similar question is asked.
Whatever you can come up with…
’‘When added two, how many persons will answer this question?’’

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What is the magic number? 3

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How many can sleep comfortably in your bed?

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What do you get if you divide the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything by 14?

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How many more trips to the hardware store than you initially anticipated does any project require?

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How many sides are there in every argument?

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How many wheels are on my grocery cart ?

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How many people are needed to play a game of Chinese jump rope?

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How many people have you ‘gotten busy’ with in a car?

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What did Genesis have when Steve Hackett… left the band?

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What do leaves grow on?

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How many times must you do it before falling asleep?
Do what? Sorry. That is another question. .

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How many times did I get engaged to guys I didn’t marry?

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How many minutes will it take me before I think of something?

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How many people are inside your head?

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@ducky_dnl More than 3. It’s very crowded in there.

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the question is “what is the question?” which is also the answer to the question which may or may not add up to 3

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How many orgasms did my date have last night.

That’s right.

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How many times did you open the refrigerator to make sure that chocolate cake was still there?

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If you add fiddy cents to this number, how much money do you roughly have?

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How many men on a match?

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What’s a crowd?

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Deaths and pregnancies come in a string of…?

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What’s my IQ? :-p

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