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Does Anyone Have Playlist ideas for new a iPod?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) September 11th, 2010

I have 100+ gigs of music and a new 16gb Nano. So, I could drag and drop a gazillion playlists and songs but that seems so time consuming. Does anyone have any creative playlist ideas that will fill my hungry toy?

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What kind of music do you like to listen to?

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Gosh.. that’s tricky. The top is the Grateful Dead. I like most singer-songwriters, Neil Young, Bob Dyan, etc. I also like smooth, mellow electronica. Jazz, especially Jazz piano…bands like Morcheeba (I guess they’re considered trip-hop, if the kids still use that lingo.) Mika, Rufus Wainwright are up there, to. I do notice that if I click “Sync” music I can choose individual artists, but I’m wondering if there’s another, more creative option.

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Haha! I just noticed my dyslexic question. “For a new iPod.,” is how it should read!

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Do you listen to music that much inside iTunes? I do and use this method. I have a smart playlist that just puts the last 6 gigs of music I listened to in iTunes on the iPod.

And you can always put a playlist (or ten) in a smart playlist. So you could have something where it gives you everything in one playlist and 3 gigs of the last stuff you listened to and then you just need to sync that one playlist.

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So, I can sync that playlist (or some general variant.) Then with the remaining space I can do the selected artists sync, in addition. (Also, I didn’t know you could do smart playlists within smart playlists. Wow.) Thanks!

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Play loud to annoy roommate. Make an on the go playlist, too. It comes in handy in the car.

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So you’ve got the 6th generation nano with touch? How’s that working out for you?

Here’s something you can try, which I’ve done before, though it takes more effort than what @johnpowell suggested.

Sort your music library by ‘Plays’. If you’ve been using iTunes for a while, your favorite music over this period of time will naturally come out on top. Pick tracks out and make Genius playlists for them (if you haven’t done this before, click on that “atom” button in the bottom-right corner of the window). Make these 100 track playlists by going to the upper-right pull down menu by “Limit to:”. Move these playlists down from the ‘GENUS’ menu header into their own ‘PLAYLISTS’ folder, which will allow you to track how many unique tracks there are (they’ll almost certainly overlap) and how much storage they take up. Keep cranking them out until you reach about 14.8 GB for whole folder and then select everything in that folder for the iPod to sync to. At 100 songs each they can build up quickly.

To switch things up, you could sort your library by ‘Last Played’ and make some big Genius playlists from tracks that you really like but have not had long enough for them to accumulate many plays yet.

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I’m a playlist person.
I have a ‘summer’ playlist – a bunch of songs that make me happy and that are up-beat
then I have a ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ playlist – kinda self-explanatory.
then my very own, and very large, ‘things I ACTUALLY want to listen to’ playlist. – also self-explanatory.

different things like that are a good way to start. I have a large iTunes library, and so I splurged and bought the 64G- unfortunately, I still can’t fit all of my music. so what I do- if you like all the songs in your library, use the ‘auto-fill’ button when you plug your iPod in. And then just once a week, or however often you’d like, just re-do that. And you should be happy with all the different music you hear (:

Hope I helped!!

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@Serevaetse – The autofill is a great idea, and I think I’ll grab songs from a playlist or two instead of using my whole library, if you can do that. Problem now is where I put my nano!

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@jonfreed haha (: well good luck! and yes, you can do that

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@jonfreed, HAHA! I empathize more than you can ever know- I lose everything.

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As far as playlists go, if you have any access to the app Shazam, you can use it to discover the names and artists of songs you like. Then you can look on iTunes, because if you have the genius open you will get suggestions based on what you buy, and you can build of that.

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