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Do guys consider it a turn-on or a turn-off if a girl is a virgin?

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) March 27th, 2008
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turn on, defo

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Depends on the guy. I’m not into it because I don’t want that kind of responsibility.

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Being someone’s first can be intimidating. There is a lot more responsibility regarding the experience which is important to consider. This could be a turn off for some, I’m sure. I think as long as you are loving and respectful It could be a great experience. For me, that’s a turn on.

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well, for me it would be intimidating since I have a relatively high number. I would feel like a male whore in comparison. Never though would I worry about her not being experienced enough, which I think is what scares virgins the most.

But a turn-on if its someone I really care about and am serious with.

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if one is into good sex than its a turn off,
Otherwise its just a perverted fantasy .
experience is a turn on!

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Stop showing off your high number of sex partners. Not impressed

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Completely irrelevant. People choose to date based on compatibility and attraction, not on their body count.

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@ jello – I wasn’t showing off.

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I think its encouraging to some guys because often times virgins can’t last very long

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i have had all virgins…, except one.. turn on =D

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The fact that a woman is a virgin certainly makes what you’re doing much more special. As opposed to another guy in a long line that came before you (no pun), and will come after you.

On the other hand some guys don’t want to deal with alot of the downsides that comes with devirginizing someone. The reality of it can be a tad errr, messy, and some aren’t interested in the emotional “baggage” or attachment that make come with it.

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turn off.

I’m not Telly from the movie “Kids”

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ha ha ha…. (like Riser?)

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No country…. what?

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I think its a turn on. Then I can hit it raw and not have to worry about catching anything.

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I don’t know what I think of this really. I guess it would depend on the persons age. If I met a woman in her late 20’s and she was still a virgin I would suspect that she is either way religious or very shy and in that breath probably not very much fun. If she was some kind of awesome kick ass woman who just held high standards then I would have to say that is a turn on. Either way virginity was thrown out in the 60’s right? Who needs values and morals anymore. We have George Bush to tell us what we need….(le sigh)

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Turn on if she saved herself for that special guy and you are that guy it’s an honor.

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doesn’t matter. If they are genuinely interested in you its not an issue. It good for the person to know because then they know how to treat you when the time comes. When my former girlfriend told me that I was going to be her first I knew to go slow and be patient. Versus my other former girlfriend when we went right into it and learn something new. Both were special in different ways.

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I do not choose a girl just based on the fact of virginity, but I like the fact that i know that my girlfriend has not had sex with other guys because, at least in my hometown, there is a good probabily she might have caught something.
Also, a girl who can withstand guys because she wants to wait for a specific time i.e. marriage, graduating etc. that lets me know that she is a girl that has the same values on me, so turn on

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Depends on the guy, like any other sexual turn-on or turn-off.
Plain and simple. Anything else is just opinion.

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Turn off wouldn’t want the responsibility

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turn on because you have a brain and not an average girl

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