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Why do you twitter? Why don't you?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) September 11th, 2010

I don’t.

I thought it was a ridiculous idea from the get-go. Not that I didn’t think it would catch on – just that it was ridiculous and a waste of time – for me.

I can’t possibly see how anyone would care about what I’m doing in between calls, text and emails. Those, are plenty – if not too much already.

Don’t you miss just going through your day, enjoying life, communicating by land line with those you need to, and want to – only? And that’s it!?!

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I abuse facebook, instead.

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I don’t. It seems like Twitter is just the worst part of facebook in its own website form: the status update.

That said, I update my facebook status like a motherfucker.

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I can’t figure it out. Besides, my day isn’t that interesting. I write in my tumblr about once every few days.

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I don’t use Twitter because I don’t care what most people have to say every minute of the day. I’m not going to argue with them over whether Twitter is a novel idea, a useful tool, or stupid or a place to gather stalkers. They can tweet all they want. I just won’t read or post.

I don’t update my Facebook much, nor do I abuse my Tumblr (though I love seeing what others post on Tumblr.)

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I don’t get it.

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I don’t see the point in Twitter. I tried it for a bit, but I didn’t like it. I haven’t been back to it since then.

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@syz I don’t get it, either.

For different reasons, I’m sure. What I like about facebook is that it is so interactive. I can post something about how I’ve just opened a can of peas, and that can start a 50 comment conversation. Twitter doesn’t seem to work that way.. that takes all of the fun out of it for me.

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I don’t because Facebook is good enough. At least on Facebook, once people got past the age of 16, the “update status every 2 seconds” phase passed. I used to update my status all the time with silly pointless things, but I got over that and so did most of the people I know. Twitter seems to be just an expansion on the Facebook status. Facebook includes that, plus much more. I just see no reason to be on Twitter. I don’t care to hear about people’s mundane actions and thoughts throughout the day. Boring.

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I don’t twitter because I’m a grown up. Nobody’s life is that interesting, least of all mine.

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Why would I?

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Sounds way too boring, my life and reading about theirs!

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I don’t text. Therefore, I don’t tweet [at least socially]. When I am trying to help someone else with a marketing campaign I am as likely to tweet from them as to them. The discipline of fitting the message within a very limited number of characters is a useful honing of writing skills.

But the whole metaphor of Twitter makes me gag. Who wants to “tweet”? Or be part of a twittering bunch. If anything described airhead conversation, this would be it.

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I don’t tweet because it’s stupid.

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I don’t twitter because I have nothing interesting to twitter about. I really don’t get twitter. A minute by minute, play by play account of my life is not at all interesting, not even to me, let alone to someone else. I’m on Facebook but I don’t post status updates there either, for the same reasons.

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Interesting, I don’t use Twitter either. So far, no one has answered in the positive.

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I do. I don’t post much myself (nothing all that exciting anyway) but I do like to follow certain people and read their posts.

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I don’t twitter because I plurk. Plurk is much better.

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I don’t, because i imagine it would be boring, not to mention pointless. Also, i’d be very ashamed if i had to find twittering to be a useful and entertaining pastime. This is also the reason why i barely ever update my FB status.

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I don’t use it because I use facebook.

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