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Is there a sleep aid recording out there that is not nature or white noise?

Asked by Finley (833points) September 11th, 2010

What really puts me out is listening to the general sound of about 15–16 people in a room having separte conversations amongst themselves. Is there a recording out there like that? Even something different? I’m tired of recorded nature and white noise.

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Are there any movies that work for you?

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@papayalily I’ve tried that but I end up watching them.

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@Finley Can you maybe drape a curtain or something across the screen so you can’t see it without getting up and removing it?

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Just record a party.

Trains are also a great way to sleep, if they don’t include that damn whistle….

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Listen to some Eckhart Tolle cd’s he has a very soothing voice, british accent,
Talks about spiritual awakenings.
Between his voice and some of the content, while very interesting, definitely puts you to sleep. I go to bed with him most every night. lol

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@Ben_Dover I’m just going to have to do that I guess. I couldn’t even find New York Sounds of the city

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Audible books with British authors just lull me. That great accent quite quietly- soothing. I miss my kids being home. I could easily fall asleep listening to them chatting and watching tv.

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You need to tape a restaurant evening, after agreeing with your date/spouse not to talk during recording sessions. Or train stations, bars, bus stations.
Do you fall asleep in restaurants?

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Record your wife nagging, whinging, whining and whimpering. That should do it.

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Gregorian chants are nice and there are recordings,

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I love the sound of a fan while I sleep. Maybe it’s because I grew up pre-airconditioning and it reminds me of summer nights, but it works for me amazingly.

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What about the sound of a dishwasher? That always works for me, for some reason.

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You might find something useful here.

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@augustlan you are amazing.

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@Finley Hope it does the trick! Report back after you’ve tried it. :)

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I was going to suggest a Mac program called ChatterBlocker. You may have hit the jackpot with that website, though.

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