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How do you let a girl know you like without being pervey or flirtatious?

Asked by Jello (39points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

because she is nice and shy, so I don’t want to be bad

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“Hey, I like you. Want to go get some coffee?”

Or, “Hey, I like you. Want to go to dinner and a movie on Friday?”

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But I’d rather not put myself out there yet…

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In other words, you want her to know you like her, but you don’t want her to know you like her. Figure out what you want, please.

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Send her a cake anonymously. Seems to be the thing to do (according to Flutherites anyway)

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just stop playing games. . .

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“do you fancy a spliff luv?”

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hey, worked for me, my girl was shy too

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Asking her for coffee or to see a movie, doesn’t necessarily put you out there. You could be asking her as a friend. But like ishotthesheriff said, just stop playing games. If she likes your then good if not, well we can’t win them all.

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why would you not be flirtatious If you liked her?

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Just be honest. Take a chance our you’ll never know.

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LOL somebody already beat me to the cake option.

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tell her to join you and your friends + her close friends to a movie at your house sit next to her but don’t put your arm around her just wait till she is comfortable with you

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find another girl. !!!!!

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If you don’t want to put yourself out there, i would agree to first become comfortable with her and allow her to get to know that you are not just after her for certain reasons and you are a good guy.
Then it will be easier to begin telling her how you feel.
For example, once she is comfortable with you and she is sad about a guy or if someone said a bad comment about her tell her that she’s beautiful and not to worry because she is probably the best girl there is.(but only if that is how you truly feel)

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I am comfortable with her, but she just got back with her ex boyfriend.

As cake7 said, you can’t win them all

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