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How long do you follow a question on Fluther?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33151points) September 12th, 2010

When you answer a question, you are automatically following it, and it pops up in your list of questions when new answers are given. How long do you continue reading the answers and even contributing further? Do you have a set limit? Do you turn off following when the question reaches a certain number of answers?

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I only stop following questions that debate religion after a point..I just get tired of the back and forth…very long answers that don’t seem to get anywhere… other than that I never stop following other questions… you never know what morsel of wisdom might be presented… oh but now see…darnit… I should keep following the religious ones too based on that principle shouldn’t I?? bugger… NTS: find more time to Fluther

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The ones I don’t follow are the congratulation for lurve ones, ones that turn into a back and forth with 2 people or ones that have turned into jokes between a few people. I think it’s funny for awhile, thogh.

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I stop following many qs quite quickly, actually.

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I don’t have a set limit really. I just follow a question for as long as it takes to achieve complete satisfaction with it.

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Until I am bored with it.

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Complete agreement w/@chyna

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I only stop following questions when I am no longer interested in the conversation that has developed.

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Boredom or when a discussion has gone down the tubes in terms of intelligent responses determines how long. Some I’ve continued to follow from the beginning, some for five minutes.

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My Activity for you queue is at 567

I usually only follow questions that I particularly like. I have a bad habit of not returning to a thread once I’ve posted my first answer, or returning to it a day or two later, often missing
the bulk of the discussion.

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I go all the way.

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For the rest of time. I’m not going to go to the trouble of finding and clicking a button just because I don’t want to see it again.

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Many of them I follow until the juice goes out of the discussion.

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Until it gets boring.

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Until it files a restraining order.

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Right now, there are 127 questions in my follow queue. The last one in the list was asked on Jan 9, 2009. It’s asking about my favorite ice cream. Do I care what other people’s favorite ice cream is? Not any more (if I ever did). I just answered the question for kicks at the moment. A question like that doesn’t really hold its interest over time.

There are other questions that are quick hits, too. I’ll throw in my answer, but it’s not something I care that much about, or could learn much about.

Then there are the questions that contain discussions I no longer want to participate in,

Sometimes I worry that someone will say something in response to me and I’ll never know about it. But them’s the breaks. If someone really wants to talk to me, they’ll pm me.

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I stop following shortly after I answer. If I get lurve for an answer, I will go back and check it. But I do not make a habit of going back otherwise.

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I try to follow a question for a few days or until I see the thread turn into a flirtation back and forth or an argument back and forth. Basically, when I no longer feel the lurve.

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Only when it pops up again and no longer holds any interest. There are some though that I wish we could get updates on., like the “What should I do?” questions.

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I like the new feature that allow us to choose whether or not we want to follow a question even though I don’t use it very much. I usually don’t follow a thread that’s been left for a long time. I only visit those that are freshly baked from the oven within 24 hours.

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I always keep track of everything. I would say I have no real limit here.

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@Doctor_D You can choose. You just have to click “stop following” when you don’t want to follow a question anymore once you’ve already answered it or selected “start following”.

I have a few questions that I’m following even though I haven’t answered them. I like the discussion that’s going on in them, so I keep watching it.

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@Seaofclouds Yes,that is exactly what I meant.

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I have my own personal Get A Life test that I put to the question. If it comes back negative, I cease to pursue said question.

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I usually stop following after 24hrs.

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Sweet holy moly, I watch some as long as they still draw answers and others after about a day. It depends on the subject matter. If it is more trivia or list questions I ditch after a day but if it is a real issue question they stay around.

I do wish I could bulk un-follow questions but as it is right now you have to go one question at a time and then you do not return to the place you left off but all the way back to the latest on, so that is another reason many questions are still followed; too much of a hassle getting rid of them.

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Really depends on a question. I follow a LOT of questions – especially from past threads. Eventually I’d like fluther to be more of a reference and less of a fad-tastic site – while still being as fun as possible. So, I like to keep in touch with old threads.

Some of my favorites are – time as an illusion – better freediving/swimming techniques – existential questions in general – and more…
But mostly what I think hasn’t gotten the response it deserves/ needs yet – or nowhere near it. I stop following once the answers are well covered (also to avoid the chitty-chat that happens at the end).

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