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What sets Fluther apart from its competitors like Quora, Aardvark or Answers Corp.?

Asked by dMikeBerry (23points) September 12th, 2010

Why will this site succeed versus its closest competitors?

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Site owners who care, active moderation, a fantastic community.

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You see I think it’s answers like the first one that make me think it will actually end up being worse.

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@dMikeBerry Well, in the Meta and Social sections, jokes are allowed. However, in the General section, we’re serious business. :)

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Huh? How is a link to a Disney song not welcoming?

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Thoughtful, insightful questions and answers. Great moderation, wonderful people who really care and rally around if you ever need it.
Hello, and welcome to Fluther. Take a look around, sit a spell and stay around for the fun that is Fluther.

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This is way more than a Q&A site. Like @augustlan said, for straight dope, go to General. Everywhere else are heated debates, in depth insights, or just lightweight banter stuff if you’re in the mood for that. Just about everybody here actually cares enough to help you out. If you want strictly impersonal, you probably won’t find it here.

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I’ve been part of another Q&A website and I think the main difference is moderation. I once posted a question and it was removed (by @augustlan if I remember correctly) in a matter of seconds. LOL While in the other Q&A website blatant spams remain untouched for DAYS.

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I’ve never heard of the others. I guess that for me, they don’t exist. That ought to set them apart.

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The babes. The babes are so much hotter here.

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I smell a plannnnt.

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@ucme I kind of prefer hanging around in the Octopus’s Garden myself.

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I’ve never heard those sites before,they probably aren’t the most famous or they’re just recently established sites. There are many similar sites I’ve visited and I can say that what makes fluther different that others is its well-enforced community-based site and the variation of perspective of the users,most of the users clearly have diverse intelligence to share.

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Those aren’t competitors.

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Quora and Aardvark required sign up before I could see any Q & A. That eliminated them.
Answer .com was too difficult to read and did not permit me to evaluate the answerer.

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Fluther has a great community. We have a few rotten eggs like any community, virtual or otherwise but not enough to drive me away. Also, the moderation is very good. Some people complain about it but it makes for a much nicer, more coherent site.

I would also like to point out that fluther seems to survive a lot of other sites going down. We must be doing something right.

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I think it’s the mods that make the difference. Without them, could you imagine all the spam???
It’s also much easier to flag answers here than on other sites (in my experience).

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I have never tried the sites you list, so I don’t yet know. I use Yahoo Answers and have used Experience Project and Answerbag until they shut down. One of my friends said she used Fluther for years and it could replace Experience Project for me.

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Yahoo Answers has become a repository of stupidity. Quora is possibly getting too large for its own good, and Stack Exchange does not permit conversations. So I think Fluther is a nice middle ground. It’d be nicer if more people used it though.

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