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Have you ever fallen/wish you could fall in love with the same sex?

Asked by Christian95 (3258points) September 12th, 2010

I’m asking the heterosexual Fluther folks.
Have you ever met someone that was practically your soul mate but he/she was the same sex as you?
How did you react in this kind of situation?Did you wish she/he was the opposite sex so you could be lovers?Did you ask yourself if you’re homosexual?What was in your head?
Did you keep in touch with the person or you broke any relationship with the person?Why did you choose to do so?
I never met someone like this but I want to have an experience like that just to see how would I react.

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Yes, I have met a few guys like that.

I’ve usually asked the guy out, but I don’t think I’ve ever wished they were the opposite gender because I think most of the times it’s happened have been since I fell in love with my wife over 16 years ago.

Because I knew the attraction was mostly spiritual and emotional, and not sexual, I didn’t wonder if I was homosexual.

I’ve had fantasies involving Amazonian women with penises, so although the standard human male doesn’t appeal to me, I do have some fantasies that perhaps could be called semi-gay.

However, these fantasies haven’t caused me to wonder if I was gay because I just figure they actually make me somewhat bisexual and I let it go at that.

I.e., I accept my sexual orientation for what it is without being that concerned about how to classify it.

How would you feel if you met someone of the opposite gender that’s your soul mate before you met a soul mate of the same gender?

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Nope, never. I do find some women’s bodies attractive, but i don’t actually want to “be” with them physically, or any other way.

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I know one or two guys that are interesting to be with and have the same interests as I but never considered having sex with them. That is a stange idea for me.

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No, no, no and no. lol ! I can’t conceive of “falling in love” with a female. I can find them very funny or very interesting but that’s it.
Most of the time I find them to be competitive and what’s attractive about that? And if they have great figures it just ticks me off !

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Wow, no. Never.

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No, can’t say I have, although I have known some gay men I considered friends.

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No. And No, again.

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No. Pretty happy the way I am.

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No.I have never wished that.

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Yes, I have met that person and wished with all my heart I could have loved her enough to never want to be with men but I’m not able and so I didn’t pursue it, wouldn’t have been fair to a person who’s only ever been wonderful to me.

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I can understand the idea that someone might wish someone else was a different sex. I have a male friend, who is a homosexual, and I love him like I’ve never loved another friend. I am not attracted to him physically, but yes. sometimes I wonder what “might be” if he were a female – with all other things being equal. I know that love – in of itself – transcends sex and sexuality. In that sense, I sometimes feel saddened that I am hopelessly heterosexual.

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Gadzooks! I have (this post have been sefl-censored as to protect the feelings of the thin skinned) ...and that is why I have no worries.

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I’ve had some close guy friends that I wished were women because I’d totally date them if they were. The problem is that I really have no interest in dating guys, no matter how wonderful they are.

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Ahh, nope. My roommate is an amazing person and I love her to death. I’ve said to myself that I’d date her if I were a lesbian or if she were a guy. But as the situation stands, I’m not a lesbian, she’s not a man, and therefore I don’t desire to be with her romantically.

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I think soulmate and falling in love are two different things. On the happy occasion they may overlap, but they’re also different.

Being a generally hetero female myself, I’ve had female friends (I can think of 2 occasions) whom I find magnetic.
We’ve stayed friends, and I’ve never told them I have found them attractive in that way; either because they are heterosexual; or they were in a relationship and in any case, since there seemed to be no element of reciprocity in a sexual way, I didn’t see a need to cross that line. None of these cases were very strong crushes; and they were strong friendships. In conclusion, I’ve just accepted the fact that it’s possible for me to fall in love with women as well as men.

Oddly enough, I’ve never wished they were the opposite sex so I could date them; what I find magnetic about these friends cannot be separated from their female-ness.

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No, I actually struggle to understand attraction to the same sex. Of course I would never deny other people that right, but it is a totally foreign concept to me.

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I have several gay and lesbian friends but never wanted more than simple friendship.

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Hahahaha….No way Jose! That just don’t rev my motor! But I don’t care should others swing that way. It is none of my business, and the more gays there are, the more babes for me!

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haha interesting question, haven’t really fallen in love yet, but uh…yeah I guess I do question myself if I’m gay or bi or what ever, but I can’t say. Or answer the question correctly I guess is the answer for me.

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I don’t knoe, never been in a relationship so I don’t know.

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