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What's wrong with my pictures?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) September 12th, 2010

My most recent photos taken with my digital camera are all scrambled and pixelated.
When reviewing them on the camera after I took them, nothing was out of the ordinary. When I uploaded to my computer later that night, they look like this
I stuck it back in the camera and now it says that there are no photos recorded. Say what?!?!
I’m using a Nikon digital camera and a Lexar 1G memory card.

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The first place to start is swapping out the memory card. It could be bad and a new one is cheap or a friend has one you could test.

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I’m sure it’s the card, I’m just wondering why and how and are these pictures able to be salvaged?

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Quite possible your files are corrupted beyond practical repair. Sorry :(

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Yeah, your photos got corrupted by bad memory or a software glitch.

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Preventative measure for future: download frequently, and format your card using your camera’s menu afterwards. Formating will thoroughly clean out the card erasing everything in a manner that simply deleting the pictures does not.

It only addresses one reason cards get corrupted but it’s better than nothing.

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