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What are your thoughts on the new itouch?

Asked by CherrySempai (1137points) September 12th, 2010

You can find the details of what’s new here:

The biggest new thing is called “Facetime.” It’s videocalling on an ipod. A phone recently came out with this, too. I find the entire thing really odd. You can only do Facetime with other people who have it, I’d like it a lot if it were just Skype, though. :]

What I’m most excited about is the camera. (Not to mention iPhoto, cause I make a lot of Youtube videos.)

So, what are your thoughts on the new itouch and ipod nano?

Also, do you know what they’ll be adding next?

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Ooooooooo I like it!

::looks at my iPod touch 2nd gen and back up at the computer screen::

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@Tink Haha, yes, that’s what I was thinking! :] I have a perfectly good itouch…but I do have the excuse that it barely has any room left and 8GB is so not enough…. :)

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Decent hardware if you can get by with either little storage (8GB won’t even hold half my music, let alone any apps) or a thin wallet. Like many Apple products, it’s overpriced by about 20–25%. Still, you have to respect the A4 chip and the Retina® display. Personally, I have no use for Facetime® and hardly anybody I know has the hardware required to be support it so it’d be useless to me if I had it anyways.

However, if it’s as crash-prone as my 2nd-gen iPod Touch then I am glad my Droid X is coming in this week.

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First keep in mind that it has half the RAM and nowhere near the camera quality for stills as the iPhone 4. Other than that it’s probably the best, and most feature filled MP3 player you’ll find today. I think it’s pretty neat that you can video chat with iPhones and iPods with a simple internet connection and no setup required. Id buy it.

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@rawrgrr I have a hunch that people are more interested in Facetime than in photography. After all, most pic on the ‘net are far lower resolution and quality than a semi-trained monkey could snap with a cheap digital camera.

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@jerv I’m not into photography either, but It’s still pretty hard sometimes to snap pictures without blurriness. You need to hold it as still as a statue to get a decent shot (so it’s hard to imagine pictures on the iPod’s 1 MP camera). Some say the best camera is the one that’s with you and I agree since my iPhone has now replaced my digital camera for most of the time. It’s just so convenient! :)

I’m talking about the iPod’s back camera btw.

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@rawrgrr I don’t have an issue with that with my 8MP Samsung S860 camera, but nearly all the pictures on my Samsung Trance (phone with a 1.3MP camera) take a while and blur really easily. I’ll let you know how the 8 MP camera on the Droid X works for me.

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