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Like like, or friends?

Asked by youWISHyouknewME_152 (43points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

okay, the same guy I like. Well he was in my gym class. And each class is split into 3 different units. I was in weightroom. And his first day back he asked me what I was doing. After I told him he asked if I had a workout buddy. I said no and he said he would join to be my buddy. So the first day we kinda did our own things. Then today he stuck around me and would leave his workout to come talk to me while I was on the tredmill. Then he came one time with weights and was showing off with them. And he was like, “look, I’m getting buff.” and he is scrawny. Then he kept telling me I was doing good. Then after gym we were talking in the hallway and then he walked me to my locker. Well the thing I want to know is, does it seem like he like likes me, or just as friends.

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He appears to be showing interest. The flexing? Showing off, but in a good, “I-like-you-and-check-this-out” way. Bonne chance!

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He likes you, haha

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Yup he’s flat out into you.

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he totally likes you :)

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Yup he likes you, I believe us as guys dont talk to girls unless we like the girl. And if we do its usually a ugly girl.

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Ask him, not us. How the @#$% are we supposed to read his mind?

Besides, weren’t you just mooning over the guy whose father committed suicide last week?

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this IS the guy whose father commited suicide TWO weeks ago. I asked him how he was his FIRST day back and he said he DIDNT want to talk about IT. So this IS the same guy….and we act like nothing happeded becuase that’s how HE wanted it, so when he wants to stop acting like NOTHING happens, then he will and iwill talk to him. But until then he asked to be treated the SAME as he did before.

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