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Is he in to me,or not?

Asked by samantha15 (3points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

well there’s this kid at school who I like and he knows now bc of my friends and I try to flirt as much as I can. But I do all the talking. I’m always myself around him and he likes that about me. I was playing fieldhockey and he joined in and we did a one on one match and we were both flirting. I can’t tell though and I need help and some advice!!

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if he likes you then he would make it very clear for you, judging that he played fieldhockey maybe a hit that he might be into you, but is still trying to get to know you a bit more. talk with him more and see what happens from there =)
hope everything works out

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yep he knows ;)

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he knows what??

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oh sorry here is the thread LOL
I just think that the guy definitely knows u like him. They r a lot smarter than we give them credit for. They just like to play dumb to drive us crazy

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haha yeah he already knows I said that in the story my friends are gay and told him

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I agree with alina, he seems that he knows, but he might just be too shy to show it, the field hockey thing does seem like he does, just try to flirt more and see if he does back. (o:

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He may be in to you, he may not. Guys can flirt with a lot of girls at the same time and then be amazed that they led a girl on. The fact that he knows means that he’ll make his move or he won’t, simple as that. I wouldn’t put too much in flirting. You gotta play at least a little hard to get. If he knows that you’re that easy to be with on his timetable, then why would he make his move? So, since he knows and you’ve done your fair share of flirting, back off a little and put him in the guessing game again. But don’t tick him off or ignore him—it has to be a happy medium between the two. (That always worked for me at least; when the ladies had me guessing a little but, that made them so much more attractive ;)

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you were both flirting, he played a one on one hockey match with you? Sounds like he does,... But could be shy. I’d just take it easy, and if nothing goes anywere there plenty more fish in the sea! Good luck.

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Ask him, not us. How the hell do we know what’s in his head?

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