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Do you think you are strong in your relationship with your so?

Asked by faye (17832points) September 12th, 2010

I think I still listen to my my mother who s dead. MAKE YOUR MAN HAPPY.

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Yes, definitely. And it’s because she must have listened to your mother faye! lol. (wink).

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SO=significant other=spouse, gf, or bf.

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Yes, absolutely – we’ve gone through things many others wouldn’t be able to get through – this, together with constant communication and assessment of where we stand in terms of one another, gives us the confidence to stand next to each other in stability and strength.

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I think so. For a while we haven’t been. There have been deep problems. I think we’re some of the lucky ones who can recover from some very damaging actions. I think that’s because we always loved each other even when we thought the other didn’t love us.

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Most definately. We were engaged within 2 weeks of getting together when I was 18, married within 6 months and have been Married for almost 14 years.We solve most of our “this needs to be done” issues with Rock, Paper Scissors to cut out any arguments and discuss any other issues that come up. We have good and bad times in that time, but only with situations not each other. I find myself to be incredibly lucky. Most issues that come between alot of our friends and family menbers and their SO, we decided long ago to just not worry about…. Money being a huge one for most, we compromise with eachother and are truly one of the few ” what is mine is yours and your is mine” kind of couples, there is no his and mine… It is Ours and we treat it as such. We respect eachother and that is huge. ( I know, I know, most would say if it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not, but I know from experience some things are just meant to be, and so they are :o)

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Yes, even when I thought it might be easier to throw in the towel and let myself hurt like hell to break things off. We’ve gone through some very hard changes together but also some wonderful ones, things we’ve always wanted to share with others in a way we can now with each other.

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