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IPad for travel abroad to Europe- good idea?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) September 12th, 2010

I am traveling for 3 months and am not sure I want to bring my macbook along for the journey. I’ve considered netbooks but I find the screens painfully small. What do you think – netbook, macbook, or ipad? Anyone have experience with this?

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I have a iPad. If you just want to be able to rock out or watch a movie or do Internet stuff the iPad is great. The battery life of the iPad is what leans me in that direction. As long as you do stuff the iPad can do I would go with that.

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I agree with @johnpowell, but as a former iPad owner who found I wasn’t getting enough use out of it, I would suggest you check out several other, what appear to be more interesting tablet brands poised for introduction. They have both smaller and larger screens and more features.

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It’s great for travel. It’s lightweighted, perfect for maps and emails. Skype works too. However Fluther is a very slow for typing here though :(

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iPad- Maps, itinerary, google searches, games to play on the train or airplane. What more could you want?

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iPad all the way. Think of how useful a downloaded travel guide would be. The maps oh the maps!

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A laptop would be fine, but if you’d rather take the iPad, that would also be fine.

Europe is safer than the US, just don’t whack it out when you’re wandering around the “poor” council housing estates that I know you’re never going to visit anyway.

In contrast to the US, the “inner-city” in Europe is generally the safest area of town.

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