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Why aren't the Video Music Awards called the Music Video Awards?

Asked by sferik (6099points) September 13th, 2010

I’ve never heard “music videos” referred to as “video music,” so why do the awards for music videos go by that name?

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Because it sounds better the other way. :)

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Maybe they wanted to emphasize “video” over “music”, since the awards are for the videos and not the music. Still, it is strange.

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I was there when they started, and I don’t know. What I suspect is that by reversing it to Video Music Awards, they could trademark it.

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I wouldn’t call it either. Mtv doesn’t even play music videos anymore. It should be called the Reality TV awards.

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@augustian I think that makes sense

@marinelife It would be hard to trademark “Music Video Awards” as many people use that for various different events (like a company or a school could host a “Music Video Award” for employees/students or something like that). However, with the pull MTV has on the music industry, the trademark really shouldn’t be an issue.

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@weeveeship Music Video is too generic to be trademarked. That is why I think they went with Video Music Awards.

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Music awards came first, the prominent placement seems like a good idea when starting something new.

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