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I have a 22 month old son just says mama, dada, apple,bye bye and hello. Should he be speaking in sentences now?

Asked by kbee1123 (68points) September 13th, 2010

All my son does is babble and cry to get what he wants. It can be frustrating trying to figure out what he wants. Thanks!

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Is your son slower in other development areas? Does he seem to understand your simple commands? “Give me the toy.” , “Don’t eat that.” etc

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“Early or late talking makes very little difference in the long run. Many perfectly normal children don’t say their first words until 14 or 15 months, or even later.

Girls tend to begin talking earlier than boys. Talking late—first words after age two, for example—is much more common among boys than girls. There are almost certainly brain-based differences in this. We know, for example, that the areas of the brain that process verbal language are different between males and females.”

Dr. Spock

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My son was a late talker. I never heard him say Dad until he was close to four. At two and three he had a vocabulary of only about a dozen words and resorted to words and gestures to communicate. But then every so often he would say something in a complete sentence.
Never quite understood what was going on with his slow development.

My other son is 21 months younger. When the younger one began to talk in full sentences, the older one began to talk in full sentences. It was quite an abrupt turnaround for the older one. Obviously the younger one’s language development stimulated the other one.

The older one is still a little behind developmentally. What some kids could do at six, well, he did not accomplish that until he was eight. His skills at driving were not good at 16 and he got his license at 19. He holds a full time job and is getting along though and he never shuts up.

A good non-academic book on this is “Late Talkers” by Thomas Sowell.


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Mines nearly 2, the youngest of 4. He is the latest speaker… the time they are 5 they are all pretty much at the same level. Relax, they do it when they are ready!

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