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So, I've been thinking on upgrade to an iPhone, but I have a few questions first...

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

besides de camera and phone, is there anything better about the iphone? How much is the lesser you pay every month??does that include the Internet? Is the Internet unlimited?? Do you have Internet on the go?

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You posted from an iPhone. Is this honest curiosity?

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LOL! Good catch Squirbel!

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this is an iPod touch, not iphone, I wish it was an iPhone

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Internet is included
I have 900 mins and unlimited text and weekends. I text a lot so I roll over almost all my minutes but this is the best thing that was ever invented. A lot of people disagree but I’m a huge fan. Well worth the money

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a this moment i would hold out for a june version 2.0 release. kevin on diggnation was talking about the next hardware update to the iphone. to be fair, he was pretty off on his first iphone insider knowledge. even still, unless you want a phone that has edge instead of 3g, i would wait for the better hardware if you can.

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