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If you get bored with routine life, What would you like to do?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) September 13th, 2010

Just a simple question,

If you get bored with routine life, What would you like to do?

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Usually I either move, buy a new car, or get a new job. All though thats getting boring now too. ...

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I must say that I’m quite curious about disaster relief work. It’s not a must, but if I ever get a chance to do that at some point in the future, it’d be a really eye-opening experience.

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Go on a road trip with my honey…preferably to a beach. If I get really bored….I like think of new ways to irritate my neighbor.

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Move to England and write.

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Go on a road trip.

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Whenever I get bored, I cut & dye my hair. Always makes me feel better. If things seem really dimal, I ring up some friends and go out for a night of boozing.

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Long motorcycle trip! Yayyy! : D

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Smoke some ganja.

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Is this like if money was no object, or just what do we do now when we are bored?

Actually, in my case, it doesn’t really matter. I almost never get bored. Too much to do. Too little time to relax. My wife, a workaholic herself, is turning me into one, too.

Boredom? What boredom?

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No job has ever challenged me for more than 6 months. :(

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I don’t get bored.

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I don’t get bored.

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Last time I got bored with routine life, I wrote a book… It took up every spare minute of 4 months, and really helped pass the time! Great feeling when it was done and launched too!

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Wow @harple that’s really cool!!

I think I’m bored at the moment… I do not know what to do. Sleeping is really the only appealing thing. Can’t get past this at the moment.

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I can’t imagine being bored. I never have enough time to do everything I want to do, and I always have projects waiting for me.

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I’d really like to live in the mountains somewhere, living in a log cabin surrounded by trees & be as self sufficient as possible…Not a soul for miles & miles… Maybe the company could be flown in at the weekend & out again Monday morning! :-/

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run a motel along the coast, or work at a resort. run cruises up n down the east

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