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Have any actors’ deaths saddened you personally?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) September 13th, 2010

I just read that Kevin McCarthy has passed away at 96. He was the actor in the original INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS who runs down the street screaming “You’re next!” at approaching cars (and did a cameo in the remake years later). His death saddened me because that’s one of my favorite sci-fi movies, and because I had followed McCarthy’s career since his Actor’s Studio days. Many other actors’ deaths have especially touched me. I remember shedding tears in a supermarket parking lot when the radio announced Jimmy Stewart had died. I felt the same way about Welles, Brando and Sinatra. How about you? Any actors whose deaths in your lifetime especially saddened you?

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It really saddened me when Michael Landon died. Little Joe and Little House on the Praire. He seemed like sucha a great guy.

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Gregory Peck’s death got to me as did Luciano Pavorotti’s.

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A truly great British actor. Kind of grew up watching his movies.I mean he was so full of life.

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Only the untimely ones like Patrick Swayze get to me a little bit.

None of my big time favorite actors/actresses have died yet though, so none have really gotten to me.

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John Candy and John Belushi.

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Wow! I didn’t know that Kevin McCarthy died. That saddens me a little bit although it certainly seems like he lived a good long life.

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I’ll throw Chris Farley in with Belushi and Candy, although they did it themselves. Swayze and Landon sucked because of the type of cancer they had. Not much of a chance with that. I’ll think of some more during the day I’m sure.

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I was quite upset when I read of Charles Chaplin’s death back in 1977, but nothing like what I went thru when John Lennon was killed. I wailed for a full day.

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When Steve Irwin died, I was very upset. His death got to me for a few reasons. One, because his kids were about the same ages as my two oldest kids. Two, unlike other TV personalities, his Croc Hunter act never seemed like an act. I think he was genuinely that person, whether the camera was rolling or not. Three, my kids and I loved his shows and watched them together often. My daughter learned all her snake handling techniques from his show! Four, I wanted to be him…or at least have his job. Finally, whenever he had his family on the shows, I loved how he and his wife worked together and shared their experiences their children. He was so full of life and enthusiasm, and for that freak accident to take his life hit me so hard. I actually cried, and I don’t cry often. I still can’t watch his daughter on her TV show without getting the sniffles.

When Michael Jackson died, I was also kind of sad, but not to the same extent. He was the first musician I liked as a kid, and I had something of a crush on him. This was before he became so strange, of course. I remember watching the premier of Thriller on MTV and being terrified! His death made me nostalgic for those childhood moments, and sad thinking of how his life turned out.

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Both Lucille Ball’s and Katherine Hepburn’s deaths left me feeling blue.

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Great answers, all.

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George Burns. I use to work where his office was.
Had the pleasure of chatting with him one day.
He was real.

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John Candy , Walter Matthau .

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Strangely, it was Brittany Murphy. I don’t really know why, I just always liked her as an actress. I was really sad when she died. Random, but true.

I forgot Anna Nicole. I was devastated.

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I’ve found that as I grow older, the movie and TV stars I grew up with are the hardest to lose. For example, in my 30s and 40s I started watching all the old Western stars go—Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea. These names probably don’t mean much if anything to the younger jellies, but for us ‘50s kids, those guys were gods.

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@Austinlad Yeah, and watching the Rat Pack die off was sad as well.

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@Pied_Pfeffer—I felt exact;y the same way. Joey Bishop was the last. You look at those old clips of the guys performing on stage in the ‘60s and it’s hard to believe they could ever get old.

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Patrick Swayze. I just thought he was just a great guy.

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I was sad when Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Patrick Swayze all passed away.

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I forgot John Lennon. What a terrible loss.
Jack Lemmon.
It scares me when someone famous says “I’m going to beat this” because they usually die afterwards.

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Gilda Radner. I like her on SNL

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The first passage of a famous person that hit me hard was George Harrison. I remember going to the kitchen to tell my younger brother. We were little kids and one of our favourite musicians had just passed. It was difficult to comprehend.

Whether someone passes young or after living a long life, it hits me hard.

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Some lesser known:
David Janssen (The Fugitive)
Edward Woodward (The Equalizer)
Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched). That one broke my heart; I adored her.

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I’m always a little sad when people die, even ones I don’t know at all. I’m just like that. But Natasha Richardson upset me a bit more than usual, and I actually shed a tear or two over John Ritter, to name a couple more recent ones.

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I always hated that part of the awards shows were they show pictures of all the actors and actress’ that passed away during the preceding 12 months. I don’t want to watch it, but I also can’t look away. It’s really a sad moment.

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Heath Ledger. ♥

James Dean. (I was not alive when he died, but I’m still saddened by his death.)

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I have the same odd reaction as @TheOnlyNeffie on this one. When Brittany Murphy died, I was pretty upset. She was just so likable on screen for me…I’ll miss wanting her to win.

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Well yeah, John Candy. Larry Linville, Maclean Stevenson, Patrick Swayze, just to add a few

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OOOOH. I must add Madeliene Kahn. That was a loss…

“Flames…Flames, on the side of my face…”

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Jim Henson, John Denver.

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Patrick Swayze because he showed a lot of love for his wife.
Estelle Getty because she was a fiesty little woman.

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