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Any Costume ideas?

Asked by MadiFC (73points) September 13th, 2010

I have been invited to a fancy dress party where you have to go as something starting with the same letter as your first name. My name starts with “M” . Any ideas?

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Machiavelli? Mary Poppins? Madeline (from the children’s book)?

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A Mummy, wrap yourself in bandages he he.

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Mata Hari? Mrs. Doubtfire? Marie Antoinette?

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BTW, are you male or female?

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Oh my! you all have such awesome idea’s..the only things i came up with was Minnie mouse, Marylin Monroe , Mobile phone, mail box and mascara brush…an @JilltheTooth i’m female… and i’m sorta on a low budget

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I don’t know if it would be appropriate, but I love your mascara brush idea!

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haha…i was going to get pipe cleaner things and wrap my har around it and wear black and bring a giant bucket! or i could go as metal and someone could go as a magnet and i’ll be like “i’m attracted to you”.

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The MadHatter of course. Or MiniMe.

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HAHA!!! My friends say i remind them of the Mad Hatter (i don’t think thats a good thing…..)

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Good idea for a party!

Go as a manatee! Or a map!

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MUMMY… Go as a mummy.

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